Potato Holiday In Sweden
November 1, 2011 8:18 PM


Potato Holiday In Sweden
As I passed this empty school yard here in Lyckeby in Sweden earlier today I remembered that school children have their so called Potato Holiday this week. Well, no one really call it a Potato Holiday nowadays. Although that was its original name.

A name that came about when Sweden mainly was an agricultural country, before the 1900s. And because most families in Sweden were farmers back then. Schools decided to gather some scattered free days during the fall semester and create a cohesive one week school holiday instead. This way children could stay home and help their family with the harvest for one week. A harvest which most often consisted of potatoes, hence the name Potato Holiday.

Now the Potato Holiday remained in schools until the early 1900s, when the importance of agriculture in Sweden started to lessen. Which in turn also meant that the need for the Potato Holiday lessened. So over time this particular school holiday became dissolved by scattered free days once again.

However in the mid-1990s many school districts in Sweden decided to reinstate the cohesive one week school holiday during the fall semester. But instead of calling it a Potato Holiday this time, they simply called it a Fall Holiday. Which nowadays is a time when many families choose to travel on vacation. Perhaps even on Cuba holidays? In any case, I am definitely glad I did not have to pick any potatoes on my Fall Holidays when I was a child. :-)

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