Pseudopregnant Again
June 10, 2012 8:03 PM


Once again my dog Lisen is pseudopregnant, which means that she thinks she is pregnant and is going to have pups. Now she always becomes pseudopregnant after she has been in heat, so I am used to it. What I wonder though is if female dogs ever become too old to go through this? If they, like women, go through menopause I mean? Or can dogs become pregnant no matter how old they are? Hm...

Anyway, Lisen is in the end phase of her pseudopregnancy now so it should be over soon. But while she is in this last phase she does not want to do anything except prepare for her coming pups. She barely eats, whines a lot, does not want to go on long walks and she digs around at home all the time to make a proper place for her pups to arrive. Therefore this is a common sight at home right now:

Pseudopregnant Again
I think it is time soon Alex, look how great I made the bed for the pups.

Pseudopregnant Again
I hope it is time soon anyway...

Pseudopregnant Again
... because this is waiting game is just exhausting man.

Aww! But although it must be quite tiresome for Lisen to become pseudopregnant after each heat cycle, it is normal. So I am not worried. Having said that, I do indeed look forward to having Lisen back to her old "non-pregant" self again soooon. :-)

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