Puppy love
July 31, 2011 11:48 PM

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While I was browsing through photos on my computer today I happened to stumble across my all time favourite Lisen photo. It's of Lisen saying goodbye to one of her puppies. So of course I had to post it! And oh how it brought back memories!

Puppy love
Lisen had her 12! puppies in the summer of 2005. And before each pup moved to his or her new family my sister captured some last one on one moments between mum and pup on camera. This photo is of one of those moments.

Now I had moved from home back then so I wasn't around to say goodbye to all puppies. Although we did visit them in their new homes later of course. But my sister said that she always felt like Lisen knew when each pup was going to leave home. Because Lisen was always a bit extra attentive with them during those last one on one moments. Which is what I think this photo has captured.

Lisen was an amazing mum by the way! :-) I have written all about when she had her puppies in my post My Lovely Dogs. I have also posted lots of photos of them on Lisens blog Lisen.eu. And I do love to visit those pages sometimes. Because they help to remind me of all those wonderful puppy moments! Ahh! :p

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