Safe Window Treatments
And Pet Proofing, Hm?

November 24, 2011 1:21 PM


Luckily for me my dog Lisen is pretty calm at home, therefore I have not had to pet proof my home very much. Although she does like to stand up on the couch to look out the window from time to time. Which is why I have actually considered to get some safe window treatments there, like blinds for instance.

Safe Window Treatments
My dog Lisen looking out the window.

But like I said earlier, Lisen is pretty calm at home. She also usually just sleeps whenever she is home alone. However a dog who is the total opposite of Lisen is my sister's dog Diva (Lisen's daughter). Who loves to search through the apartment, and steal, for food whenever she is home alone. So whenever I look after Diva I definitely have to make sure to pet proof my home a bit more than usual.

And some pet proof precautions I make on those occasions are; to remove everything editable and/or things that I know Diva has eaten before, like ointments. To put away all sharp objects, like dirty knives or breakable stuff, because Diva will grab and lick them if there is any food on them! To make sure the door to my balcony is closed, because Diva is also a real dare devil who is not afraid of anything (except the vacuum cleaner...). So I cannot let her out alone on my balcony either.

Pet Proofing, Hm?
Because this is how Diva enjoys the view on my balcony. (I live on the fifth floor...)

But despite Diva's dare devil behaviour, I can never get mad at her. She is simply too charming and too much of a sweet heart to feel anything but love for. Although she definitely makes me think twice about how to best pet proof my home. And the fact that how to pet proof ones home depends very much on the personality of ones pet. Which is why I am very glad that Lisen is as calm as she is, except for her wild couch climbing that is. Hehe. ;-)

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