Sail Karlskrona

Swedish name: Sailet      Date: Early August
Sail Karlskrona, or Sailet as we call it in Sweden, is a local tradition that take place here in Karlskrona, Sweden. It was originally an event where sailboats from around the world made their way to the Karlskrona harbour. However the last couple of years it has mostly consisted of food stands and beer tents.

Sail Karlskrona harbour where boats and beer tents are
Sail Karlskrona in Sweden 2010.

But I still like this tradition. Mainly because it is one of the last opportunities of the summer to enjoy a beer in the evening outside by the ocean among happy people on holiday.

Beer I had in a beer tent at Sailet in KarlskronaHarbour at Sailet in Karlskrona Sail
Beer I had in a beer tent next to the harbour during Sail Karlskrona 2010.

the very first Sail was held in 1980 in Karlskrona. At that time it coincided with Karlskronas 300th anniversary and with the Tall Ships Race. The number of ships along the harbour back then were between 80 and 90. In 2010 perhaps there were ten...

But even though Sailet in Karlskrona no longer has very much to do with boats, it is indeed a lovely summer festival and tradition I enjoy and try to participate in every year!

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