Smokin Bagels
November 7, 2011 9:14 PM


I LOVE bagels! But it is not easy to find decent bagels here in Karlskrona in Sweden! In fact the best way I know how to get a hold of good bagels is by begging my sister to make some. Lol! I guess I could try to make some myself, but it just seem so complicated... Because not only do you have to make the dough, shape the bagels and let them rest. You have to boil the bagels too.

Smokin Bagels
Like this. (I took these photos while my sister was making bagels a while back.)

Smokin Bagels
And then let them rest again before they can finally be put in the oven.

Smokin Bagels
So I am definitely glad to have a nice sister who enjoy to bake. Because home made bagels are extremely delicious too! I also like to eat them like in the photo above, fresh out of the oven with butter. Yum!

Smokin Bagels
But this is how real bagels should look. And they are also the type of bagels which are impossible to find here in Karlskrona. The bagel in the photo is one of many I ate when I was in Las Vegas in 2007.

Although I had my first real American bagel when I was in the US in 2005. Which is when I got hooked on them. Sooo goooood!!! However I was surprised over how much cream cheese they put on them. But I quickly learned to love it and now my favourite way to eat bagels is toasted with lots of cream cheese and strawberry marmalade. So if only someone, somewhere within a reasonable distance of Karlskrona could start to sell some great bagels, I would be one of their most loyal customers for sure! AND I could finally stop nagging on my sister to make bagels. :-)

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