Snow and Starbucks in Dubai
October 13, 2011 2:49 PM


Perhaps not the first thing one thinks of when going on holidays to Dubai. At least I thought it was funny and surprising when I came across these things during my visit there. But, despite being located in the middle of a desert, Dubai definitely felt like a modern Middle Eastern city to me. One I am sure has become even more modernized today compared to when I was there in August of 2007.

Snow and Starbucks in Dubai
Starbucks inside Emirates Mall in Dubai

Snow and Starbucks in Dubai
By the ski slopes inside Emirates Mall in Dubai.

But what reminded me of that I was in fact in the Middle East was definitely the clothing of many people there. And I really enjoyed the experience of this mix of cultures. Because it made my visit to Dubai very fascinating and refreshing. Which is why I hope for many more visits to Dubai in the future. :p

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