Some Fond Card Game Memories
February 26, 2013 1:28 PM

Some Fond Card Game Memories
It is amazing how a deck of cards can bring back so many wonderful memories.

Because I recently got to thinking of when I used to play a lot of poker a few years back, mainly Texas Hold'em, and about how fun it was. I used to play both online, with friends and with family. In fact, I even got so into it that I bought books about how to improve your poker game. But I never did win any big money though. However I did manage to make it to some final tables in a few big online tournaments, mostly freerolls, which was quite exciting. And because I never deposited any money into my online poker accounts, I only used what I earned in freerolls to bet in other poker tournaments, I actually ended up on the plus side before my poker interest faded.

Some Fond Card Game Memories
I wish! ;p

Nowadays my favourite card game is UNO, a card game I mostly associate with my childhood. But when I got it as a Christmas gift a few years ago I instantly got obsessed with it again and I have been hooked on it ever since. Another very popular card game in our household while I was growing up was a game called Chicago, which is similar to poker - but with a twist. Of course I have played a whole bunch of other card games through the years as well but the card games I have mentioned here are the ones I frequently still play today.

So card games and I have had many fun times together over the years, and I am sure we will continue to have a lot of entertaining adventures together in the future as well. In fact, just thinking back on all these fond card game memories makes me want to take out a deck of cards and play a game right now! Anyone up for it? ;-)

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