Some Swedish National Day Fun
June 6, 2013 12:39 PM

Today is Sweden's National Day, woot woot! But honestly we do not really celebrate it in any major way in Sweden, I think it is because it is such a young National Day. In fact, it was not until 1983 June 6 became Sweden's National Day and not until 2005 it became a public holiday in Sweden. Having said that, we do of course acknowledge the day all over the country by hoisting our flags in honor of this day.

Some Swedish National Day Fun The Swedish Flag.

Locally we have some celebrations of Sweden's National Day too, like in the Wamo Park. To see a video of a typical Swedish National Day celebration there and to hear our National Song with English subtitles, check out my page --> Sweden's National Day.

Also, in honor of the Swedish National Day, I played around with my doggy Lisen on the balcony with some treats earlier today.

Some Swedish National Day Fun
Happy National Day, Lisen.

Some Swedish National Day Fun
Good Doggy!

Some Swedish National Day Fun
And it looks like it was a yummy treat. Hehe. :p

It is a lovely, sunny, warm day today here in Lyckeby in Sweden by the way. So I will definitely enjoy the rest of this gorgeous National Day to the fullest, as will Lisen I am sure.

Happy Swedish National Day ya'll!

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