Strawberry Cake

To eat Strawberry Cake on Midsummers Eve in Sweden is a very important part of the classic Swedish Midsummer Eve tradition. In fact the days before and on Midsummers Eve is when the Swedish strawberry prices hit their high, because everyone simply must have strawberries on Midsummers Eve no matter how expensive they are.

Swedish Strawberries
Yummy fresh Swedish strawberries.

Strawberry Cake
And a traditional Swedish Strawberry Cake.

Now a typical Swedish Strawberry Cake is pretty simple to make. It is basically just an ordinary sponge cake, without fat, filled with vanilla cream on one layer and strawberry jam on another layer and then covered with whipped cream and strawberries. Of course you can mix it up however you want but these are the typical ingredients. And of course a strawberry cake can be eaten whenever, even though I most associate it with Midsummers Eve here in Sweden.

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