Summer In Sweden
July 12, 2015 3:37 PM

Summer In Sweden

All of June was terrible weather here in Sweden, freezing and lots of rain. But now, finally, we have had
great weather for a few days, temperatures close to 30°C and practically no wind - perfect summer weather in other words!

Now for me there are a few things that truly represent summer in Sweden. If i have not experienced these things during June, July or August here in Sweden, then it simply has not been a proper summer for me that year. Now I am happy to say that I have managed to experience most of these things this year. And of course I have had my camera ready to document them.

So below are a few momentous of my summer 2015 in Sweden.

Things that, for me, make summer in Sweden truly Swedish are:

Summer In Sweden
Lots of sun.

Summer In Sweden

Summer In Sweden
Fresh Swedish strawberries with ice cream and whipped cream.

Summer In Sweden
Lovely Diva (my sisters 10-year old beauty) playing around in, and cooling off in, the ocean.

Summer In SwedenSummer In Sweden
Diva relaxing in the shade in my mum's garden.

Summer In Sweden
Eating langos at markets.

Summer In Sweden
Yum!!! Me devouring my latest lango at this year's Tosia Bonnadan - Crazy Farmers Day in Ronneby.

What I am looking forward to now is the big crayfish premiere i August, y-u-m! :p


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