Sunset After The Storm
November 28, 2011 10:03 PM


We had quite the storm here in Karlskrona in Sweden yesterday. Especially during the evening and night. I actually thought my windows were going to blow away few times, that was how hard the wind shook them. Trees fell and blocked roads in several places around here, roofs were blown off houses and over 80 000 households in Southern Sweden lost their power (I had mine though).

But the big incident of the evening in my family was that while my sister was visiting a friend, the wind got hold of a trampoline (one of those things children jump up up and down on) from her friend's neighbour's garden. This trampoline flew all the way across the road and hit my sister's parked car. Yikes! Luckily though my sister was not in the car at the time, which was really the most important thing. However her car did get quite a few dents and a broken front window.

Now despite the fact that a storm was in full motion less than 24 hours ago, the sunset I encountered in Nättraby in Karlskrona earlier today could not have been more still and beautiful. Definitely a typical "calm after the storm" moment. And I think that because yesterday was such a stormy one, this sunset felt to me like a reassurance of the fact that all moments do truly pass. Even stormy nights. So with that in mind, I indeed took the opportunity to fully enjoy this lovely moment.

Sunset After The Storm
The first sunset after the storm. Location; Nättraby, 10 kilometers outside of Karlskrona in Sweden.

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