Sunshine And Rain In My New Garden
September 22, 2015 8:04 PM

I have lived in my new house here in Nattraby in Sweden for about six weeks now - and I love it! Now I was very happy in my apartment in Lyckeby too, I mean I stayed there for about six years, but I felt it was time for a change. And what a change (or changes) it has become!

I moved from a no bedroom apartment (with quite a big balcony though) to a three bedroom house with my very own garden. I rented my old apartment, I bought this house. Instead of a 75 minute commute to work I now have about a 45 minute commute (30 minutes if I drive) to work. And I have my own bedroom!

But I think the biggest change about this move for me has been the garden bit. Because when I grew up we always lived in apartments and when I left the nest it was into apartments. Therefore mowing the lawn, weeding and trimming bushes have not been parts of my Universe before. But they sure are now! Lol! And so far I do enjoy it. And what a work out it is to garden! Yikes! Lol!

To end this post I thought I would share a few photos of this new garden of mine. So below are some photos of some Sunshine And Rain In My New Garden. :-)

Sunshine And Rain In My New Garden
Me moving my lawn with my electric air cushion mower (invented by the Swede Karl Dahlman in the sixties (side note)) in the sunshine in August. A easy and light little machine that one - perfect for me.

Sunshine And Rain In My New Garden
View of my back garden in the rain from my porch earlier today.

Sunshine And Rain In My New Garden
And a rainy view from my entrance, also from earlier today.

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Sunshine And Rain In My New Garden