Surprising Bleeding Heart In The Garden
June 7, 2012 6:05 PM


Now I have never really been interested in flowers, plants or gardening. But recently I have actually come to appreciate these things a bit more, at least flowers and herbs. Though I still only have one green plant in my apartment and two window boxes with herbs during the summer on my balcony. However, now and then I come across flowers in stores that really capture me. Like this one:

Surprising Bleeding Heart In The Garden
This flower is called Bleeding Heart in English, a very dramatic name I think. Hehe.

Surprising Bleeding Heart In The Garden
In Swedish it is called Löjtnantshjärta, which if literally translated becomes Lieutenant's Heart. The scientific name for it is Lamprocapnos Spectabilis.

Anyway, I had never seen this flower before when I saw it and I thought it was the cutest thing. But when I told my mum about it she said that she actually have those in her garden. Ops... I had completely missed that! So of course when I visited her next time I had to see them for myself, and yupp - there they were.

Surprising White Bleeding Heart In The Garden
Right alongside the house wall, a pretty Bleeding Heart in her garden. Though in white.

Surprising White Bleeding Heart In The Garden
But equally as cute.

And the fact that my mum already had this flower in her garden was a bit of a relief for me, because I then realized that I did not have to buy one myself. Lol! I can just admire the loveliness of the Bleeding Heart in her garden instead, where I am sure that the flower also has a much higher chance for survival than in my apartment. Hehe. :p

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