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Is the Earth spinning faster or what?
September 16, 2010 14:39

Yiax, I can't believe how fast this week has gone...Ok, not over yet but it's already Thursday! Seriously, has somebody pressed a fast forward button? Hm...Anyway, I'm STILL working on my Swedish pages, currently on Swedish traditions. And I of course want to include my favourite ones with some history and pictures, which takes time. But I'd rather spend that extra time on it to get it done properly!

And while I have been busy with my traditions, it's been rainy and windy most of the week here in Karlskrona, and fall has pretty much arrived. However, I like fall, especially the amazing transformations of colours on leaves in all the trees! It's insane how beautiful our nature is! The downside though, these cold, windy and wet days...

Now back to working on some more traditions before I'm off to work (that I actually get paid for, lol!).



What do you want to know about Sweden?
September 9, 2010 13:50

I'm working on adding a few pages about Sweden to my blog. And it got me curious as to what people outside of Sweden would like to know about Sweden? I would very much like to hear your ideas, thoughts and questions! Leave your comments in the shoutbox :-)

A pic of the Swedish flag and a traditional Swedish, miniature, midsummer pole.

I will tell you all about Swedish midsummer in my new pages. Hopefully they will be ready during or after the weekend.



Time to get political
August 29, 2010 13:28

We have an election to Parliament on September 19 here in Sweden, which we have every fourth year. Now I know a lot of people prefer to keep their political opinions to themselves, as well as which party they vote for. That's fine with me and I respect that. I'm just not one of those people, LOL!

I don't mind sharing which party I vote for and why. I have the privilege and freedom to do so and I don't see any reason not to. That doesn't mean I am one of those people who bring up this topic, or very much enjoy discussing it, but if anyone asks - I tell.

I bet you want to know wich party I'm voting for this Yes? Well I'm going to tell you anyway. I'm voting for the Social Democrats’ (in Swedish - Socialdemokraterna). It's been a long time since just one party had a majority in our Parliament so the seven major parties have divided themselves into two blocks, the red block and the blue block. The red block is the one with the Social Democrats’, but the blue block are those who won the election last time. I'm hoping for a change this year. Unfortunately I'm not sure we'll get one, simply because the Social Democrats’ don't have a very strong leader...

Oh well, enough political chatter. I saw these signs when I was on my walk with Lisen today and they got me thinking about this.



Lyckeby, Karlskrona, Sweden
August 26, 2010 16:43

I moved away from home when I was 19. My very first apartment was in Lyckeby, right outside Karlskrona. For some reason, counting out when I was travelling and right after when I got home, I have remained in this little suburb. I like it here, it's close to everything, but not too close, and surrounded by nature.

Actually I have lived here in Karlskrona basically all my life. Sure I was born in Uppsala, Sweden, but I only spent my first two years there. Karlskrona is not a big city, I think we have a population of around 60 000. And of course, like in any minor town, everyone knows everyone in one way or another.

I used to think I had to get out of here, move somewhere else - anywhere else. But I have realized that it's quite nice to have a home, a real home. Not just a house or apartment where I eat and sleep, but a place that I feel as close to as my own family. I might not always like it, but I stick around because it's simply where I'm suppose to be.

Top left: Shops, about five minutes walk from my apartment.
Top right: I'm taking the pic from the same spot as in the the top left pic, I live behind the flags.
Below left: Lyckebys "main street".
Below right: I live in one of those brown buildings.



Crayfish party, sort of...
August 5, 2010 21:04

Ok, not really a party but a premiere. Party just sound more fun, hehe. Today I ate my first crayfish of the year, a tradition in Sweden to devour the little buggers in August. They are really tasty, although it sure is a lot of work for such a little piece of meat...but worth it :-)

I also ordered an Iphone 4 today, however there is a couple weeks waiting period because of the high demand right now. Oh well, hopefully I'll get it before Apples Iphone 5 gets out...haha.

Crayfish Party Crayfish Party
Some pics from today.



Wet, wet, wet
July 24, 2010 18:02

Tropical heat followed by pouring rain. Not a traditional Swedish summer, but it is what it is.

And it feels like I've been wet all day...morning walk in the rain, Jacuzzi, shower. Because it's still raining outside I'm sure once I'm dry, it's time to take out my doggie and...that's right - get wet again.

Simple luxury :-)


I must love to torture myself...
July 13, 2010 20:04

Yet again a tropical day in Sweden. And I, yet again, went on my morning walk in this stifling heat. With me was, as usual (forced by contract), my mum and her partner. Today we also had a guest starring on our "torturewalk", my sister, yay! However, considering todays experience, I don't think she will make a second appearance anytime soon...

We walked in the forests of Rödeby, and of course, as in any forest, there are animals and BUGS! So not only is it beyond hot, but while we are walking flies keep buzzing around us all the time! Two days ago I was about half a meter from stepping on a big black snake...But regarding those flies, I don't get why the have to fly as close to the face and ears as possible, grrr! However, on a good note, I did see a qute squirrel today :-)

I have worked all day with getting up some more pictures. Check out "Photoalbum" in the menu, lots of pix from Aussieland.

And here are some pictures from our walk, and buggfighting today.

Here we all are, walking different paces.

A disgusting fly on right under my nose, blah!


Here is the qute squirrel, a bit blurry...

Behind me Madde is running from a bee, haha.
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Is the Earth spinning faster or what?
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