Swedes Are Crazy About Ice Cream
May 25, 2012 7:36 PM


Something I can certainly vouch for. In fact, I read in the news recently that in Sweden we eat about 11.5 liters of ice cream per person per year. Only Finns eat more ice cream than us in Europe. On the other hand, we only eat half as much ice cream as the Americans. Either way, I must admit that I can indeed relate to these statistics, because I do love ice cream! Especially during warm lovely summer days, like today. Which is why I, instead of lunch today, went into town here in Karlskrona and got in line to buy ice cream from our most popular ice cream shop here in Karlskrona in Sweden, Glassiären.

Here I am in line to buy ice cream at Glassiären today.

Now the ice cream shop Glassiären is only open during the summer season and is popular mainly because of the HUGE ice cream's they serve. One scoop there is actually about four scoops. Which is why you don't order "one scoop" but "one flavor" of ice cream.

The ice cream menu at Glassiären.

The ice cream flavors at Galssiären.

And my ice cream!!! Flavors I chose: salt licorice, caramel/marshmallow and pistachio, topped with soft ice cream. However, I did not eat that monster ice cream myself though. I shared it with my lovely mum. :p

I also thought I share a few other facts about Sweden and ice cream:

- Sweden's first ice cream factory was founded in 1934 by the Milk Central in Stockholm. However, the big breakthrough for ice cream on a stick in Sweden came during the hot summer of 1955.

- The total Swedish ice cream sales were estimated to reach 97.9 million liters in 2010, according to Swedish Board of Agriculture.

- And below are stats over how much ice cream some other European countries eat every year. The stats are in terms of liters per capita per year (2009):

1. Finland: 12.9 liters
2. Sweden: 11.5 liters
3. Norway: 11.5 liters
4. Denmark: 8.0 liters
5. Italy: 6.2 liters
6. Germany: 6.1 liters
7. France: 6.0 liters
8. Ireland: 6.0 liters
9. Greece: 5.9 liters
10: Belgium: 5.8 liters

Now, it is a good thing for me that I have only started to work on my estimated ice cream quota per year. Because that means that I have many more delicious cold treats to look forward to devour this summer. Yuuuummm!!! I can't wait to continue to represent these statistics. :p

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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