Fat Tuesday

Swedish name: Fettisdagen      Date: February/March
Fat Tuesday is known as Fettisdagen in Swedish. It is celebrated on a Tuesday around February/March in Sweden. A Swedish tradition among Swedes on Fat Tuesday is to eat a pastry called semla.

One Swedish Fat Tuesday tradition is to eat this Swedish pastry called Semla in Sweden
A semla (in the pic) is a cake of light wheat bread with a sweet filling of almond paste and cream. The semla is also referred to in Swedish as fastlagsbulle or fettisdagsbulle. Some international translations of semla are Shrovetide bun, Lenten bun and cream puff.

Originally a semla was something you ate before the Christian Lent started, a last opportunity to gloat in food. The semla has been eaten in many different ways through time. For instance in the 1800s they were served in a bowl of warm milk covered with sugar and cinnamon. It was not until the 1900s people started to eat them as we do today. And even though to eat a semla on Fat Tuesday still is a Swedish tradition, the tradition to Lent has not survived to the same extent in Sweden.

Other celebrations that coincide with Fat Tuesday in Sweden are for instance Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday and International Women's Day.

Sources: DN.se, Historiesajten.se

Link to English recipe for semla: delishhh.com

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Swedish Traditions Swedish Pastry Celebrating Fat Tuesday With A Non Traditional Lenten Bun
Swedish Traditions Swedish Pastry Non-Traditional Lenten Bun
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