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I have put together some pages about typical Swedish food we eat in Sweden. On each page I have gathered some history about why we eat this particular Swedish food in Sweden and how I like to eat it. I have also shared some Swedish food recipes.

Below is a short intro to each Swedish food page. Simply click on the name of each Swedish food or on the pic to get to each page. I have also added a comment section on each page, so feel free to leave comments. :-)


Falukorv Swedish meatballs
From being a local specialty the falukorv is today a classic in Swedish home cooking. However, falukorv is not a truly Swedish phenomenon. It was actually the Germans who...

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The dish Swedish meatballs is Swedish because of how we serve it. Which is with the Swedish meatball sauce, cream sauce, and lingonberry jam. Swedish meatballs was first introduced in the 1700s after...

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Swedish meatballs
Swedish pickled herring Swedish pancakes
From the beginning herring was considered as food for the poor in Sweden. But when the resort culture flourished in the late 1800s it became fashionable to serve herring and vodka together. The combination has survived and is now a Swedish classic...

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Swedish pancakes have probably existed in Sweden since ancient times. It was not as easy to make pancakes in the olden days as it is today. Because before the stove existed you had to use a frying pan on three legs. It was placed above a fire and filled with a...

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Kroppkakor Smoked pork sausage - Isterband
Kroppkakor, easiest described as potato dumplings with pork, is a local dish. It is made and eaten mainly in southern Sweden along the coast of Småland, Öland, Blekinge and Gotland. Its main ingredients are...

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Smoked pork sausage - Isterband is a sausage made from beef, pork, boiled potatoes or par-boiled pearl-barbley and sometimes broth. The characteristic sour taste comes from lactic acid bacteria...

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Swedish hash -
Pytt i panna
Janssons temptation
Swedish hash - Pytt i panna is a dish which is regarded as a typical part of Swedish home cooking. A traditional Pytt i panna consist of three main ingredients: diced potatoes, caramelized onions and diced beef...

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Janssons temptation consist of potato casserole with onion, pickled anchovies, bread crumbs and cream. This dish made its initial appearance in Sweden in the first edition of "Stora Kokboken"...

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Swedish Collops Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Simple Swedish Collops Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Collops, known as Kalops in Swedish, is one of my favourite Swedish dishes to eat during fall and winter. Mainly because it is such a warm, hearty and fulfilling dish, but also because it is so simple to make. Now Collops is easiest...

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Swedish Collops
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, known as Kåldolmar in Swedish, is a popular dish in Swedish households. I grew up eating them both at home and in school. And I actually thought it was an original Swedish dish but it...

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Rose Hip Soup Shrimp Sandwich
Rose Hip Soup With Ice Cream Swedish Shrimp Sandwich
Rose Hip Soup is made out of Rose Hips, which are the fruits of wild roses that grow in in Sweden. Rose Hip Soup can be eaten or drunk both cold and warm and is consumed either as a snack, beverage or dessert. Other common ways to eat...

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Among upper-class people it became popular to eat shrimp in Sweden in the 1500s. Common people however perceived shellfish as insects and unclean to eat back then. Therefore it was not until the 1800s Denmark and Norway began...

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