Swedish Pastry

Swedish Pastry

I have put together some pages about typical Swedish pastry and cakes we eat in Sweden. On each page I have gathered some history about the typical Swedish pastry or cake. Below is a short intro to each Swedish pastry or cake page, simply click on the name of each Swedish pastry or cake or on the pic to get to each page. I have also added a comment section on each page, so feel free to leave comments. :-)


Princess Cake Lenten Bun
Swedish Princess Cake Lenten Bun
The first princess cake recipe was published in "Prinsessornas kokbok" (The Princesses cookbook), written by household teacher Jenny Åkerström in the 1930s. In her cookbook Jenny first referred to this cake as "Green cake"...

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A semla is a cake of light wheat bread with a sweet filling of almond paste and cream. The semla is also referred to in Swedish as fastlagsbulle or fettisdagsbulle. Some international translations of semla are Shrovetide bun, Lenten bun...

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Strawberry Cake Vacuum Cleaners
Swedish Strawberry Cake Vacuum Cleaners A Swedish Pastry
To eat Strawberry Cake on Midsummers Eve in Sweden is a very important part of the classic Swedish Midsummer Eve tradition. In fact the days before and on Midsummers Eve is when the Swedish strawberry prices hit their high...

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Strawberry Cake
Besides being called Dammsugare - Vacuum Cleaner this pastry/coffee cake is also known in Sweden as Punschrulle - Punch Roll and Arraksrulle - Arrack Roll. Names it has been given in reference to its appearance and flavor...

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Swedish Waffles Cinnamon Buns
Swedish Waffle With Cream And Jam Swedish Cinnamon Buns
On Waffle Day we eat waffles all over Sweden. In school, at work, at home and everywhere else! Waffle Day waffle ironWaffle Day in Sweden. My favourite way to eat waffles is thin, crisp and freshly made from the waffle iron...

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Swedish Waffles
The Cinnamon Bun was first introduced in Swedish households in the 1920s. Because that was when the availability of ingredients increased after the First World War. The main ingredients in Cinnamon Buns are...

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Sandwich Cake Lucia Cats
Swedish Sandwich Cake
Apparently it was a Swedish fellow named Gunnar Sjödahl who invented this delicious concept. He did so when he worked at Wedemarks Konditori (a café) in Östersund in the 1960s. However it seems that different kinds of Sandwich Cakes began...

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Lucia cats - lussekatter, also known as saffron buns or Saint Lucia buns. It's a tradition to eat them on December 13th in Sweden, when we celebrate Lucia. My mum likes to fill them with either almond paste or lingonberry but I prefer...

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