Tulip Day

Swedish name: Tulpanens dag      Date: January
Tulip Day has been celebrated for over 20 years in Sweden so it is a relatively new Swedish tradition. The reason we celebrate Tulip Day in Sweden is to welcome spring. And we celebrate Tulip Day by buying tulips for others or ourselves. In fact in some cities florist students even hand out tulips to folks who pass them by on this day.

Happy Tulip Day in Sweden
These are the tulips I bought this past Tulip Day.

Actually I only recently discovered that Tulip Day has become a Swedish tradition. And while I was researching this tradition I found out some fun facts about Swedes relationship with tulips.

- We Swedes are actually "world champions" when it comes to buying tulips. We buy 1 million tulips per day between January and Easter.

- In total we Swedes decorate our homes with about 120 million tulips every year!

- There are about 6000 different tulips in the world, with approximately 400 varieties which are grown in Sweden between January and April, also known as the tulip season.

I had no idea we bought so many tulips in Sweden! But it does help me to understand why we now have a Swedish tradition called Tulip Day.

Source: odla.nu

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