Swedish traditions

Swedish Traditions

I have written a few pages about my favourite Swedish traditions. A bit about how I celebrate them, their origin and why I like these particular Swedish traditions. Some traditions are of course not just Swedish but shared by other countries as well.

I have also added a comment section at the bottom of each page so feel free to leave comments. I would love to hear about your favourite tradition. Or perhaps if you celebrate a similar tradition to what I have written about. I also appreciate all and any feedback. :-)

Thank you! /A.L

Fat Tuesday Waffle Day
Swedish Traditions - Fat Tuesday Semla Swedish Traditions - Waffle Day waffles with cream and jam
Fat Tuesday is known as Fettisdagen in Swedish. It is celebrated on a Tuesday around February/March in Sweden. A Swedish tradition among Swedes on Fat Tuesday is to eat a pastry called semla...

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Swedish Fat Tuesday Traditions
Waffle Day share day with Marie bebådelsedag (Annunciation Day) in the Swedish calendar. But most attention is given to the celebration of Waffle Day on this day. And of course on Waffle Day we...

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Swedish Waffle Day Traditions
Maundy Thursday Easter Eve
Swedish Traditions - Maundy Thursday Trip Swedish Traditions - Easter Eve Eggs
Maundy Thursday is known as Skärtorsdagen in Swedish. It is a day when children dress up like Easter witches (påskkärringar) and knock on doors for candy. It is uncertain when this...

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Swedish Maundy Thursday Traditions
Easter Eve is a day when we gather with our families to eat either Easter buffet or lamb steak dinner. In our family we nowadays mainly eat lamb steak on Easter Eve. The Easter...

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Swedish Easter Eve Traditions
Tulip Day Walpurgis Eve
Swedish Traditions - Happy Tulip Day Swedish Traditions - Walpurgis bonfire  in Sweden
Tulip Day has been celebrated for over 20 years in Sweden so it is a relatively new Swedish tradition. The reason we celebrate Tulip Day in Sweden is to welcome spring. And we celebrate Tulip Day by buying...

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Swedish Tulip Day Traditions
Walpurgis Eve is known as Valborgsmässoafton in Swedish. On Walpurgis Eve we have big bonfires all across Sweden. Before the bonfire is lit somebody usually make a speak and after...

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Swedish Walpurgis Eve Traditions
Leaf Market Midsummer Eve
Swedish Traditions - Leaf Market in Karlskrona Swedish Traditions - Midsummer Eve Pole
The Leaf market is a truly traditional Karlskrona market, in fact this market has been a yearly tradition in Karlskrona for over 200 years. It is also the first major market of the summer season so it is...

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the Leaf Market
Midsummer is a genuine Swedish tradition, and to me Midsummer Eve feels like the true National Day of Sweden. We celebrate Midsummer Eve by dressing up a Midsummer pole with flowers and then...

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Swedish Midsummer Eve Traditions
Sail Karlskrona Crayfish party
Swedish Traditions - Sail Karlskrona Swedish Traditions - Crayfish Party
Sail Karlskrona, or Sailet as we call it in Sweden, is a local tradition that take place here in Karlskrona, Sweden. It was originally an event where sailboats from around the world made their way to...

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Sail Karlskrona in Sweden
I love crayfish and they always taste best during the end of summer. And it is in August when crayfish parties (kräftskivor) are a popular event all over Sweden. My favourite crayfish parties are the ones...

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Crayfish Party in Sweden
Swedens National Day All Saint's Day
Swedish Traditions - Swedens National Day Swedish Traditions - All Saint's Day
Swedens National Day has actually not been celebrated too much through the years in Sweden, except as a general flag day. Although in recent years we have begun to celebrate it a bit more. Like in this video...

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Swedens National Day

All Saint's Day in Sweden is a day when we remember those who have passed away. A very peaceful day I think. And it is always so beautiful to see how all graveyards light up by a sea of candles in the evening...

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All Saint's Day
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