The Season Of Rainy Walks
October 15, 2012 1:25 PM


Though fall is a beautiful, vibrant and colourful season - it is also a season often visited by wind, clouds and rain. Which is what we have been experiencing lately here in Lyckeby in Sweden. So this morning I captured how my walks with Lisen have looked like these last few days...

Wet... (We live in one of those houses on the hill here in Lyckeby.)

... and rainy. (Lisen looks about how I feel there... Lol!)

Now I sure hope we will get back that beautiful sun we had a visit from in the beginning of last week, because I actually feel like the weather has quite an impact on my energy levels. In fact, I think Lisen is a bit extra slow and sleepy when the weather is like this as well. Though outside she does not seem to mind the rain as much as I do. But I do feel like we both need a little energy boost right about now. So: "Please Sunny Sunshine, come back again!". Let's hope that does the trick. ;-) Hehe. For now however, soon time for one of those rainy fall walks with Lisen again... Aye, aye - phew!

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Oh Rainy Day Wet Grass Close Up
Oh Rainy Day Wet Grass Close Up
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