The Swedish Ship Götheborg
June 19, 2012 6:05 PM


I was in Gothenburg here in Sweden over the weekend visiting friends. And of course I brought my camera and took lots of photos. Some of which were of one of the largest fullrigged wooden sailing ships in the world, the Swedish ship Götheborg.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg
The Götheborg seen from the front.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg
The Götheborg seen from the back.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg
And the Götheborg seen from the side.

Actually this ship is a reconstruction of the mid-18th century ship The Original East Indiaman Götheborg. A ship that unfortunately, after a 30 months exhausting trip to China, ran aground in the middle of the entrance to Gothenburg harbour on the 12th of September 1745. She eventually sunk there with her entire cargo, which consisted of things like tea, porcelain, silk and spices.

The construction of the replica started in 1995 and eight years later the Götheborg was launched. In 2005 and 2007 the ship sailed the historical route to China and back in 20 months. Since then the ship has been on a number of smaller expeditions in Sweden and Scandinavia. This summer, starting on June 30, the Götheborg will set sail for a shorter tour in northern Europe with stop overs in Holland, France and Germany. To check out the exact route and dates go to --> European Tour 2012.

Now this replica might look like the original ship Götheborg on the outside, but it is in fact a modern ship with modern machinery. Though the majority of the advanced technical equipment have been concealed deep down in the hull. The new ship also meets the international safety requirements for ocean going vessels of course. So the project of this ship is based on modern research combined with the revival of traditional methods of craftsmanship dating from the 18th century. A rather enchanting combination I think.

And when we stopped by the Götheborg in the harbour it was filled with eager students who were on the ship to learn and practice.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg
Students tying away.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg
Students climbing away.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg
And in the middle of everything, tourists were boarding the ship.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg
So it was full activity indeed.

And I am sure it must feel like quite an adventure, as well as a trip back in time, to sail on that ship. Actually it reminds me of "The Pirates Of The Caribbean" ships and Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). Now that is one pirate I certainly would not mind encountering. ;p

Anyway, it was fun to see the Götheborg up close and with full activity on it. It is definitely a beautiful ship. And a ship I wish many more successful trips in the future. :-)

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