Three Years Ago - Blogoversary
July 4, 2013 10:25 PM

Three years ago today I published my first post ever here on, aww! :-) I remember how excited, and nervous, I was about actually uploading and publishing a post on a blog that I had created all by myself. I had no previous experience with either building websites nor blogging. In fact, it took me several months just to do research and to get the actual basics of the blog ready. But finally I could not wait anymore and just had to start posting. Of course it did not occur to me at the date that I had chosen to start my blogging journey on was the 4th of July - a date kind of known for another celebratory occasion. Lol! But it is what it is. :-)

Having said that, I have no regrets what so ever with my decision to start blogging. And my intent and goal with blogging is, and has always remained, the same as when I first started - to be able to have it as my sole income source. Though the path to that destination has taken a bit longer than I initially thought it would, I have learned that as long as I have a clear vision of what I want, how to get there and I work my behind off to reach it - I will do so one day. I strongly believe that and know it will happen.

Now because I started a new full time job in March earlier this year I have not been able to be as active in the blogosphere as before or publish posts as frequently as before. This is mainly because of the commuting distance to and from my job, about 2,5 hours - which means that I am pretty beat when I finally get home in the evenings. And though I do like it at my new job, I deeply miss blogging and being a part of the blogging world. I also miss my lovely doggy Lisen more than words can express, because I only see her on the weekends these days. :-( So at this very point in my life I feel like I am in a bit of a rough patch...

However, I have no doubt at all that things will change - they always do. Which is why I continue to do my very best with keeping my blogs updated and well managed. It is also why I continue to be as determined as I was three years ago to make the blogging business part of it all a success. And I do see results by the way. :-)

Because in the end, you reap what you sow (as I see it). And in my world, sustainable crops need time, patience, love and nourishment to be able to grow into strong, healthy plants that keep giving delicious fruits for a long time to come.

So hear, hear to all of you amazing readers out there who truly enrich my life with your presence! I Thank You All from the bottom of my heart for visiting, commenting, sending me emails and for supporting me. Every word and every second each and every one of you choose to spend here is greatly appreciated. Thank You for keeping me company! And I look forward to many more years together. Lots of Love to you all! ♥ ♥ ♥

Three Years Ago - Blogoversary
Ahhh. Sunset in Lyckeby here in Sweden a few days ago. This is what gives me perspective.

Three Years Ago - Blogoversary
As does this lady of course. :-) Looks like she was hoping to get some cake here. Hehe. ;p

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