Time for a Swedish giveaway! (CLOSED)
January 10, 2011 0:34 AM

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I thought it was about time I had another Swedish giveaway! Yay! Like last time, the prizes will consist of some Swedish treats and a personal gift from me. I will pick the winner in a live broadcast via my Ustream channel on Wednesday January 19th, I will be back with the exact time later.

These are the prizes:

- Napkins with Swedish flag motive
- Four wooden butter knives
- A car air freshner with Swedish motive
- Swedish crispbread
- Some popular Swedish candy; three different kinds of salt liquorice candy, Ahlgrens bilar   and Peppermint Rock Candy - polkagris
- Our traditional Christmas drink, Glögg
- A postcard with motives from my hometown Karlskrona
- And my personal gift, spring water from Lyckeby

As for my personal gift. I wanted to give away something which has some sort of connection to this giveaway, as well as to me and where I live. And I was so excited when I got the idea to give away some water. Huh!? Well, just a few metres from where I live here in Lyckeby, is an old water pump. It has actually been here for centuries. And people still come to fetch water from it today, even though we can drink water directly from our taps. But this spring water is tasty and has a long history behind it, which I'm sure is why it is still frequently used. It is also why I thought it would be cool to give away some of this spring water from Lyckeby, Sweden.

Below are pics of the pump, as well as some history about it.

Top left pic: this is how close it is to my apartment. Top right pic: Some close ups. And below pic: an enlargement of the text which is written on the info board next to the pump.

And this is how I made my personal gift. I boiled a bottle in water, made labels, filled bottle with spring water, and voila - finito!

Giveaway rules!

Now to the most important part, HOW TO WIN these prizes! All you have to do is answer these two questions in a comment below.

1. What country do you live in?

2. What do you love about the country you live in?

My answers:

1. Sweden

2. I love that we can drink water straight from our taps here. We are very fortunate to be able to do that, something I definitely appreciate!

I look forward to your answers. :-)

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