Today We Celebrate Mother's Day In Sweden
May 27, 2012 8:24 PM


So I wish all amazing mamas a truly Happy Mother's Day! My sister and I celebrated our beloved mum with some hand picked Lily Of The Valleys, a home made cake, a "Best Mum" mug and a Mother's Day Card. We also made her dinner. :-)

Today We Celebrate Mother's Day In Sweden
Mother's Day treats my sister and I gave our mum.

Now the custom of celebrating Mother's Day, which of course is a special day when children celebrate their mothers, began with an American woman, teacher Anna Jarvis (1864-1948), in Philadelphia in 1907 who wanted to celebrate her deceased mother's memory with a sermon in church. Jarvis wanted the sermon to focus on the fourth commandment and mother's love, which it did. The church was also decorated by Jarvis herself and white carnations where given out to all visitors, her mother's favorite flower. In the coming years Mother's Day spread throughout the rest of the United States and in 1914 it became an official holiday.

In Sweden, Mother's Day was celebrated for the first time in 1919 at the initiative of author Cecilia Bååth-Holmberg (1857-1920), who in the journal "På Vakt" - "On Guard" brought up the tradition. Bååth-Holmberg also suggested that Mother's Day should be celebrated on the last Sunday of May instead, because flowers would be in bloom in most of the country by then. She actually also published a "guidance" on HOW to celebrate one's mother.

So in 1920 the booklet "Instructions for the celebration of Mother's Day" was sent out in Sweden. In it were six points to show Swedes how to celebrate this new tradition. And the six points were:

1. The Swedish flag is hoisted from the home's flagpole.

2. Mother is greeted in the morning with singing by the children.

3. She is offered, before getting out of bed, great coffee and bread prepared by the children. She is being honored with flowers and a small gift.

4. She is given, as far as possible, rest and freedom from all the housework during the day. The children make beds, sweep, cook and wash dishes.

5. At afternoon coffee or in evening a small ceremony is held where the father of the family is involved. Something beautiful is read aloud by heart, and a heartfelt thank you is given to Mother, who is the home's cohesive force. The children ask for Mother's forgiveness for disobedience and lack of gratitude for everything that has caused Mother sorrow, groans, troubles and difficulties.

6. Absent child greets Mother via letter or telegram or postcard, that has been especially made ​and provided for Mother's Day.

I just love when I find little treats like these, so funny to read how they thought back then. Anyway, despite this lovely booklet it was not until many decades later that Mother's Day was recognized to a larger extent in Sweden. And today Mother's day is actually celebrated in 46 countries around the world, though not on the same date.

But even though we do not celebrate Mother's Day on the same day in all parts of the world, I do wish all Mothers out there a (perhaps again) Happy Mother's Day! I mean, you really cannot celebrate or appreciate a mum too much. At least not in my book. :p

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