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August 11, 2013 7:27 PM

Sweden is merely impossible to imagine without Stockholm, the capital that stands on 14 islands and each has something to show. Tourists might highly estimate this city considering the number of cultural exquisites: national cuisine, places of interest, presence of indigenous Vikings’ spirit, vivid history of the North, and many others. Anyway, Stockholm appears to be one of those exemplary travel destinations, worth visiting at least one in a lifetime. Apparently, sightseeing around requires at least several days, one week is perfect, as far as the number of world-known museums and historic sites is indeed impressive. In addition, there are a couple things one should do if paying a visit to the capital of Sweden.

  1. Besides conventional excursions and exploring the city through a prism of museums and galleries, travelers can go to local parks and green areas that surround Malaren Lake. Stockholm is one of the greenest cities in Europe, where ecofriendly tourism is perfectly combined with fishing, boating, hiking, kayaking and other adventurous leisure. These might be a great alternative to long-lasting walking around Stockholm historic sites.

  2. If travelling with children, Stockholm is likely to offer several places to visit. Starting with Junibaken museum, for instance, is a place where Astrid Lindgren’s fairy tales are still alive. It is not only children but also adults eagerly travel from one story to another, getting the opportunity to sit down with Karlsson on the roof, to play with whimsical Pippi Longstocking, to see revived Moomin. Speaking of Karlsson, it is also exciting to search for the roof, on which he lived in the story. The very house is situated on the corner of the southern tip of St. Eriksplan, near the park Vasaparken, where Astrid Lindgren loved to walk. The writer claimed that Karlsson was lodged on the terrace under the turret.

  3. National cooking traditions are a distinctive feature of every country. Sweden, including Stockholm, is not an exception at all. Dishes made of salmon are a trademark of Swedish national cuisine. Gravlax (literally - "pit" or "grave") is one of the world-famous Swedish dishes. In ancient times it was impossible to save fish by freezing, and the salt that had to store it was expensive; thus, it was better to put fish in a pit and pour a small amount of salt so it did not deteriorated or got fermented. As such, the fish meat did not spoiled, and could be stored for a long time, and when it was processed with spices, salt and sugar, meat lost its smell of raw fish. Currently gravlax is still popular both within the country and abroad.

  4. Shopping is also one more feature Stockholm can boast of. It is a great destination to buy some antiques, as well as it is a great spot for fashionmongers. Probably, there is no point reminding that H&M, world-known clothing brand, has a head-quarter precisely in Stockholm. However, the foundation of the company occurred in Västerås town, Sweden, in 1947.

  5. One more thing Stockholm is associated with is the largest spherical building in the world. It is Globen arena, the first point of the so-called Swedish solar system, stretching to the north, and at the same time the place of the most prominent music and sport venues in Sweden. It is recommended to take a ride in glass gondolas of the skyline along Globen Arena surface, which present the most breathtaking views on Stockholm.

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