Travel Blog Posts

Travel Blog Posts
Kastrup airport in Copenhagen, Denmark.

One of my biggest passions in life is to travel. So far I have been to 5 continents, 29 countries and countless cities around the Globe. What I love most about traveling are the invaluable lessons I have learned by experiencing different cultures, historical places and Mother Earth's vast terrain up close. There simply is no better education than traveling!

Of course I also love simple vacations in popular tourist hot spots. There is just nothing more enjoyable than a luxurious all inclusive stay on some always-sunny-island out there.

Below are shortcuts to some of the travel posts I have written during my blogging years here on I hope you enjoy! And feel free to leave comments. :-)

By the way, because I have so much to share from my travels I have created a blog focused on just that, feel free to check it out at: The Traveling Soul.


Travel Cruises Travel Cyprus
Vision Of The Seas Come Back From Cyprus
Poland, Estonia and Russia are a few countries I have made my way to via a cruise of some sort.

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I love vacations like the one I had in Ayia Napa in Cyprus! In the photo is the stunning Nissi Beach.

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Travel Denmark Travel England
Nyhavn Copenhagen Copenhagen To London - Statues And Wax Dolls
Because I live so close to Denmark I have been there more times than I can remember. And it is always a pleasure to visit this little island.

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London, what a marvelous city! I was very pleasantly surprised on my first visit there especially by all the vibrant green parks.

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Travel Estonia Travel Florida
Photo frenzy in Tallinn Christmas Eve In Key West
Lots of interesting things to see in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. As can be seen in the photo above. Lol!

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I spent one wonderful Christmas in Florida in 2011/2012 with my family and relatives. A place I truly want to visit again!

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Travel Greece Travel Italy
Beach In Rhodes A Sunday Walk In Rome
Greek islands are the best! Clean, fresh and so relaxing. A few years back I went on a amazing all inclusive holiday to Rhodes.

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Viva Italia! Oh, what a country! I have been to Italy a few times in my life. Most recently I visited the ancient beauty of Roma!

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Travel Poland Travel Russia
Covered Market Gdynia Church on Spilled Blood
Poland is another charming neighbor country of mine that I have been to countless times. The city I usually visit is the city of Gdynia.

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The magnificent Church On Spilled Blood in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I have never seen so many breathtaking buildings in one city before.

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Travel Talk Travel Memories
Cheap Creative Travelling What Was On Your Mind Mr. Tiger?
My best travel memory ever is from when I was in Australia and drove around camping with my sister for five weeks.

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This photo was taken in one of the many zoos I visited when I was in Australia. I always wonder what that tiger was thinking there when I see it.

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