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Although I live in Sweden, I do love to take photos of and travel around here in Sweden too. Therefore I have written and published many blog posts with a lot of photos from my travels, as well as my every day life, here in Sweden. In these posts I have also usually included a bit of history and facts about each place I have written about. And to make it a bit easier to find these particular posts in this blog, because this blog is starting to get a lot of pages, I have made this page as a sort of short cut to them. So to see all posts from a Swedish city I have written about, simply click on each photo/headline below to get there.

Happy traveling through Sweden! ;-)


Lyckeby Karlskrona
Mirrors In Lyckeby River Views Bryggareberget Karlskrona Sweden
This is Lyckeby River, which runs through the small historic town of Lyckeby (where I live). Now Lyckeby River is a river I walk by frequently on my walks with my dog Lisen. And next to this lovely river lies The Crown Mill, which is actually part of the World Heritage list.

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I took this photo overlooking the city of Karlskrona here in Sweden from the highest point in Karlskrona, which is called Bryggareberget - Brewer Hill. To the right in the photo is Karlskrona's main road called Österleden which leads to the city center of Karlskrona, Trossö.

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Gothenburg Stockholm
View Over Gothenburg From Paddan Old Town Main Square in Stockholm
Gothenburg is one of the largest cities in Sweden, so there are of course a lot of things to see and do there. This photo of Gothenburg was taken from the popular Paddan sightseeing boat which run along the river Göta Älv. Now the Paddan boats have been in business since 1939 and is a fun way to learn about and see Gothenburg.

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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and a city I have been to many times in my life. The photo above is of the Main Square in Stockholm's Old Town. Actually the Old Town of Stockholm is said to be quite the ghost town, in fact many tourist guides offer so called "Ghost Walks" around Old Town in the evenings where they share stories...

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Vaxjo Cathedral  
The first thing that caught my attention in Vaxjo was this stunning church, The Vaxjo Cathedral, a medieval church and Vaxjo's tallest building with a height of 63 meters. Now one of the many great things about sightseeing in Vaxjo is that most sights are close to the city center...

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