Tulip day, huh?
January 13, 2011 3:43 PM

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When I was out walking with Lisen today we passed a flower shop which had this sign placed in front of it.

The text says that, apparently, it is tulip day this Saturday, huh? I had no idea such a day existed, or why? So when I got home I googled it, haha. And it turns out that this is the 21st year we celebrate tulip day in Sweden, the reason for our celebration is to welcome spring.

Now how on earth is this day celebrated then? Well, in some cities florist students hand out tulips to folks who pass them by. Another way to celebrate this day is to buy some tulips and give them to someone who might deserve some extra appreciation.

I also found these fun facts about our relationship with tulips:

- We Swedes are actually "world champions" when it comes to buying tulips. We buy 1 million tulips a day between January and Easter.

- In total we decorate our homes with about 120 million tulips every year!

- And there are about 6000 different tulips in the world, with approximately 400 varieties which are grown in Sweden between January and April, also known as the tulip season.

So I guess tulips are a big deal in Sweden, haha. Maybe I'll scout around town this Saturday to see if I can score some free tulips then, hehe. ;-)

Source: odla.nu

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