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Update On Current Food And Gas Prices In Sweden
October 8, 2012 7:22 PM


One of the most popular posts on this blog, where I continually get a lot of traffic to from search engines, is Food And Gas Prices In Sweden Today. And because I published that post about one year ago (on August 11, 2011) I thought it was time for a post with an update of the current food and gas prices in Sweden. So today I went to the local supermarket CityGross again here in Karlskrona in Sweden, the same supermarket I checked food prices in last year, to see if any food prices had changed since then - which they had. In fact, when I compared the same food items I checked last year with how much they cost today, most of them had become more expensive. However, some had also become cheaper.

Update On Current Food And Gas Prices In Sweden
The Swedish supermarket CityGross here in Karlskrona in Sweden, where I checked food prices today.

Update On Current Food And Gas Prices In Sweden
And the JET gas station here in Lyckeby in Sweden, where I checked today's gas prices.

Now the JET gas station is also the same gas station where I got my gas price information in last year's post. And, like most of the Swedish food prices, the gas price had also increased since last year. Though I do think gas has become more expensive all over the world, but I am not sure about food prices?

Anyway, below are the lists of the complete Update On Current Food And Gas Prices In Sweden today. The food prices are from well known Swedish and international brands, just like last year. And today's gas prices are gathered from the same sources as last year as well. The prices in the lists are listed in Swedish Kronas, SEK, and US Dollars, USD. Also, because of the slight change in the USD currency since last year the price increases and decreases look a bit different between SEK and USD.

Explanations: kg = kilograms, g = grams, (Swe) = Swedish origin, (-/+) = change since last year

Currency today: 1 USD = 6,6 SEK (+0,10)

Food items Amount Price SEK Price USD
Milk 1 litre 7,95 (-1,55) 1,19 (-0,32)
Eggs 6 12,95 1,94 (-0,09)
Flour 1 kg 10,95 (+2) 1,64 (+0,23)
Sugar 1 kg 9,95 (+3) 1,49 (+0,40)
Spaghetti 1 kg 11,50 (-2,45) 1,73 (-0,46)
Macaronis 1 kg 11,50 (-0,45) 1,73 (-0,15)
Coffee 500 g 31,95 (-9) 4,79 (-1,64)
Ketchup 1,320 kg 24,95 (+5) 3,74 (+0,61)
Fish sticks 450g (+50 g) 14,95 2,24 (-0,09)
Whole chicken (Swe) 1 kg 32,95 (+13) 4,94 (+1,81)
Pork chops (Swe) 1 kg 69,95 (+5) 10,50 (+0,30)
Beef (Swe) 1 kg 109 (+19,05) 16,36 (+2,24)
Ground beef (Swe) 1 kg 59,95 (-10) 9,00 (-1,98)
Falukorv (Swe sausage) 800 g 24,95 (+4) 3,74 (+0,45)
Isterband (Swe sausage) 330 g 20,95 (+2) 3,14 (+0,17)
Tomatoes 1 kg 29,95 (+10) 4,49 (+1,36)
Cucumber 1 kg 29,95 4,49 (-0,21)
Onions 1 kg 9,95 (-5) 1,49 (-0,86)
Apples 1 kg 19,95 2,99 (-0,14)
Pears 1 kg 24,95 (+9) 3,74 (+1,24)
Bananas 1 kg 19,95 (+2) 2,99 (+0,17)
Coca Cola 0,33 litres 6,50 0,98
Chips 300 g 17,95 (-1) 2,69 (-0,28)

Type of gas Amount Price SEK Price USD
95 octane 1 litre 15,08 (+1,25) 2,26 (+0,09)
98 octane 1 litre 15,93 (+1,65) 2,39 (+0,15)
Diesel 1 litre 14,79 (+1,25) 2,22 (+0,09)
E85 1 litre 10,39 (+0,55) 1,54 (+0, 01)

Now the food items I have chosen here are some basic household items, which can of course be found cheaper - as well as more expensive, both in other supermarkets and in CityGross. It all depends on what type of quality of food you prefer to buy. But these prices are a kind of average, not the most expensive - but not the cheapest brands or meat either. The currency comparison is also just to give an idea of the prices in USD. So in case you are coming to Sweden for a visit and/or plan to buy groceries here, I hope this post gives an idea of how much food and gas cost in Sweden today. And hopefully it is not as expensive as Swedish prices are rumored to be. ;-)

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