Vote! Vote! Vote, Sweden!
September 21, 2014 10:10 AM

This past Sunday was Le Grande Election Day here in Sweden. A day when we every fourth year vote for the party we want to rule our country for the next four years. I voted, of course. And this time the party I voted for got the majority of votes - yay! Which means that there has been a change of government this week here in Sweden.

Now what I was not that happy about with this election was that the party that got the third most votes was a nationalist party. Actually, I think that that is a quite embarrassing fact! Hopefully no other major party will collaborate with them, hence their power will not be that great after all. Other than that I was quite pleased with the outcome of the general election this time around.

To get an idea of how big our top three parties are I have put together a list of their vote count in percentages from this general election compared with their result in 2010. So the following numbers show the total vote count of the three biggest parties here in Sweden after the 2014 general election:

Social Democrats 31.01 percent, (+ 0.35 percent since the 2010 election)
Moderate Party 23.33 percent ( - 6.74 percent since the 2010 election)
Sweden Democrats 12.86 percent (+ 7.16 percent since the 2010 election)

And 85,81 percent of the Swedish population voted in this general election, an increase with 1.24 percent compared to the 2010 general election.

Source: Val

Also, of course, below are some pics from when I voted this past Sunday here in Lyckeby in Sweden. :-)

Vote! Vote! Vote, Sweden!
Party signs! A common sight here in Lyckeby in Sweden, well all over Sweden, the past few weeks.

Vote! Vote! Vote, Sweden!
The local library here in Lyckeby where I cast my vote.

Vote! Vote! Vote, Sweden!
And inside the library in the voting both, where I voted for the Social Democrats.

To find out more about the Swedish general election 2014, check out: Sweden General Election

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