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August 14, 2010 20:36

Iphone poll: Buy Iphone 4 or not? Total 9 votes, 6 Yes and 3 No. I have decided to follow your advice and buy it. When it will arrive, well who knows...?

Dog grid: I ordered a dog grid from a pet shop, Hundbiten, in April. It was suppose to take two weeks to get it, took closer to TWO months! We tried to stop the order, one employee told us it was cancelled, but when it arrived the owner told us that it’s impossible to cancel an order because they make them especially for ones car. I went in, got it. When I tried to put it in, it did not fit! Wrong model! I called and told them about the problem, after about three weeks and me calling several times, finally the owner agreed to take it back, but I had to pay for the postage (250kr!).

Now, the whole ordering process was a mess with different answers all the time. To avoid this circus, the employee who took the order should have taken my cars registration number, something you ALWAYS do when you order something specific for a car. Jiiiz! What really put me off, is when I went to return the dog grid. The employee who had taken the order started to make excuses and blame us for the mistake, even though I had come to an agreement with the owner. OMG, how much more unprofessional can you get! It’s a shame because I have always liked the owner and her store, but that employee! Sorry to say, but she makes me NOT want to return there again :-(

And finally an update on the weight loss plan my mother and her partner signed a month ago. My mother has lost 3 kilos and her partner has lost 0 kilos. Good job mum!


House-keeper again...
July 23, 2010 14:04

Me and Lisen are staying at mums house over the weekend, to keep all the thieves away, while they are gone.

So the big "weigh-in" was today. Mum had lost 1 kilo and her partner 200 grams. Ok, so it is at least going in the right direction, that's always a good sign. Hope for more next week.

I met with the bosslady regarding the dog grid today. She said she will call the makers and see what she can do...whatever that means. But she has always been nice in the past and usually come up with some sort of solution if there ever is a problem, so let's hope she's still like that. I believe in a good outcome for everyone, even though I have waited three month's since the order was placed and I still have no functional dog grid...

Cloudy and rain outside, finally. Don't think I will do too much today, feeling a bit tired...


Like it - click on it.
July 18, 2010 23:28

I finally figured out how to add a "like-button" from facebook, yay. And it turns out people have already "clicked on it", another yay!

Today I have mainly worked on adding "music" under "thumbs up" in the menu here on my site. That took a couple hours...but it was worth it :-)

So, with regards to the big "lose-weight plan", hm. Because my aunt and her husband has been visiting my mum for a few days we have not been taking our walks...and when I called today to try and get my mum to go with me tomorrow, all I got were more excuses, grrr! She says she will go on her own but I'm sceptic...I guess I'll find out on Friday, when "the big weigh-in" take place.

I also added one thing to my bracelet today and decided to call it my "vision-bracelet", I thought of "mind-bracelet" but nah. There is a thing called "vision board", which I have, so I figured it's the same thing but you have it on your wrist instead :-)


I must love to torture myself...
July 13, 2010 20:04

Yet again a tropical day in Sweden. And I, yet again, went on my morning walk in this stifling heat. With me was, as usual (forced by contract), my mum and her partner. Today we also had a guest starring on our "torturewalk", my sister, yay! However, considering todays experience, I don't think she will make a second appearance anytime soon...

We walked in the forests of Rödeby, and of course, as in any forest, there are animals and BUGS! So not only is it beyond hot, but while we are walking flies keep buzzing around us all the time! Two days ago I was about half a meter from stepping on a big black snake...But regarding those flies, I don't get why the have to fly as close to the face and ears as possible, grrr! However, on a good note, I did see a qute squirrel today :-)

I have worked all day with getting up some more pictures. Check out "Photoalbum" in the menu, lots of pix from Aussieland.

And here are some pictures from our walk, and buggfighting today.

Here we all are, walking different paces.

A disgusting fly on right under my nose, blah!


Here is the qute squirrel, a bit blurry...

Behind me Madde is running from a bee, haha.

Feels like I'm in Africa,
July 12, 2010 20:24

because it's so HOT! I know I'm gnagging about it, but it's just so hooot! According to the temp in my car, it was + 33C at 11 o'clock this morning... I was on my way home from my walk with my mum and her partner, third day today. It's going good, but (do I need to say) it's just so hooot!

Spain won the WC, they deserved it! A few tears fell when I saw how emotional Casillas got. I had placed a bet on them, but I thought they would finish during ordinary play time, so no money for me : (

I have been working hard at getting some more stuff up on this site. Check out "i" up in the menu or simply click here.

I'll be back with some pix tomorrow, bye 4 now!


Hot, hot, hot!
July 10, 2010 19:44

Today must be the hottest day so far this year, when I went to mum for our walk, the temp was at +30C. This was about 9:30 in the morning...

Anyway, exercise went well I have to say, walked 6,5 K and after that did push-ups and sit-ups. Tomorrow the battle continues.

It's almost time for the bronze-game in WC-soccer. I do hope Paraguay win but, like the octupus, I think Germany beats them. This time I have not placed a bet but put some extra money towards my Lotto-ticket instead, hehe.

Bye 4 now!


"Lose-weight" plan signed.
July 9, 2010 22:58

Not much has been accomplished today, had a bit of a stomach bug so I've felt pretty weak all day.

However I did go to se my mum and her partner because they have, for a long time, and my mum as long as I can remember, started different diets on and off again. It just annoys me to craziness that they spend so much money and it gives them no long-term result. Sure they might lose a few kilos but then they lose their motivation as well and put them right back on...So I said to them that I might as well come up with a plan for them to lose weight (mainly because I think the whole "diet" industry is a scam") and they said yes.

Now I'm no expert but I have common sense and I see what they are doing wrong, especially my mother. I also know that nothing will ever work unless someone is truly committed and want to make a life long change in how they deal with food and exercise. I also think that overweight is a symptom of a problem and if you don't deal with WHY you overeat then you'll never get it under control.

Even though I'm no psychologist or trainer I thought, what the hell, I can give it a go.

Tomorrow is the first day of our morning exercise together, I have promised to walk with them so they don't, either skip it or walk too slow. Good for me as well :-)

I know this will be no picnic but I will really try my very best to help them. I even had them sign a contract for a month. No excuses, no objections, just follow my orders.


Weight loss plan
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