Welcome To Cappuccino River
January 24, 2012 6:12 PM

Also known as Lyckeby river, I swear it looked like a tall cappuccino with lots of foam this morning when my dog Lisen and I walked alongside it. Lol! So below are some photos of "Cappuccino River" in Lyckeby, Sweden (and my dog Lisen).

Welcome To Cappuccino River

Welcome To Cappuccino River

Welcome To Cappuccino River
Cappuccino River.

Welcome To Cappuccino River
With my dog Lisen. :-)

In other news... Well, I have been swamped with work lately which is why I have fallen behind with pretty much everything else. Although I definitely do not mind working, I do miss my blog a little tiny, tiny bit. Hehe. But hopefully soon I will be able to find a bit of a better balance between them both again though. In the mean time it is a good thing that I have Lisen to make sure I get out and I stumble across cappuccino rivers and such. So thank you Lisen for this one! :p

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