Why I Love To Explore The World Via Cruises
November 25, 2012 3:54 PM


I have been on quite a few cruises in my life and to board a cruise in Southampton one day is definitely something I would love to do. The cruises I have been on have taken me from Sweden to countries like Estonia, Russia, Poland, Finland and Norway for instance. But never the UK, which is another reason it would be very exciting to board a cruise there.

Why I Love To Explore The World Via Cruises
An evening stroll onboard a cruise ship.

Now there are many reasons for why I enjoy cruises so much, firstly there is always a lot of fun activities going on onboard the ships. Another reason is of course the food and drinks, most ships I have been on (if not all actually) have had amazing buffets - both for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, during summertime at least, an absolutely fabulous way to enjoy a cruise at sea is to devour the sun on deck in a sun chair with a delicious cool drink in one hand and a great book in the other.

And though there are many more reasons for why I continue to explore the world via cruises, it is most of all because it is such a fun, delicious and easy way to travel. In fact, writing this post makes me very eager to go on another cruise A.S.A.P! ;-)

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