Win The Opportunity To Change Lives With Another Blogger
March 5, 2013 6:53 PM

I recently found out about this amazing competition called The Big Blog Exchange, where sixteen bloggers from around the world will win the opportunity to exchange lives, blogs, cultures and places at the same time for ten days - all expenses paid for. And because my greatest passions in life include blogging, traveling and learning about other people and cultures - I just had to check it out. And though I was a bit skeptic at first, I was positively surprised by how the competition was presented - in an very inspirational and loveable manner, so I decided to enter.

Now fourteen of the sixteen bloggers will win mainly based on votes, but two bloggers will win regardless of votes. Instead these two bloggers will be chosen based on their motivation for why they should win this competition and the content of their blogs. The reason for this is that every blogger should have a chance to win, no matter how popular their blog is. An idea I really like.

The motivation I have written for why I should be one of the sixteen winners is this:

"I truly feel like my passion for blogging, traveling and enthusiasm for learning makes me a great candidate for this adventure. I also think that the person who will get the chance to exchange lives with me will gain great insights into how it is to live a relatively simple life in a lovely naval town in Sweden. And if I have the fortune of being one of the lucky 16 I promise I will devote 100 percent of my attention, energy, heart and soul into making my part of this journey of a lifetime the very best I can. Because I truly believe that every person can make a difference in this world, which is why I will make sure that my part in this Big Blog Exchange will be made with a positive and loving attitude - no matter what happens.

Thanks for this inspirational competition and opportunity! And Good Luck Everyone! :-)

// Lots Of Love - Alexandra From Sweden"

Of course I would never enter anything unless I truly thought I had a chance to win, so I hope you will vote for me? All you need to do to be able to vote is enter your email and then confirm the vote in an email which will be sent to you. If you are up for it, please click on the button below to vote for me:

Win The Opportunity To Change Lives With Another Blogger - Vote For Me

I deeply appreciate every single vote - Thank You So Much!

If you are a blogger and want to read more about this competition or enter go to: The Big Blog Exchange.

/ A.L :-)
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