Winter wonderland, and dog
December 1, 2010 5:18 PM

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Snow, snow, snow and...yes that's right - more snow! It just keeps on coming. So I thought I'd share some pics of Lyckeby covered in snow, and Lisen covered in snow :-) Not that Lisen mind the snow. Well, she does not like it when she get cramps in her legs or when snowballs get stuck under her paws, but besides that, she enjoys the snow.

Because Lisen has the dog breed New foundland in her, who originally lived in cold weather, her fur is adapted to withstand cold temperatures. And the main reason she has a jacket on is because last year we found out that she has a bit of plaque between some of her vertebras. Therefore our Vet suggested I put a jacket on her to insure she stays warm, which helps prevent her from getting inflammation in her back. But when she was younger she use to love jumping in the ice cold water and swim. And when she got up, her fur use to freeze into ice. Brrr!

Here are the pics.

Cold yet ;-)

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