Drunk driver and candy dream
July 31, 2010 23:16

It's Saturday, people drink and party, but not me. Not this Saturday, this evening I am the designated driver. Which is fine by me, I have had my share of "not being the designated driver", hehe.

Moving on to another topic, my weird dream I had last night. Or maybe not weird but kind of annoying. All through my dream, even if I did different things at different locations, I kept eating candy, and buying candy and eating some more candy. All night! I figured I must have a craving for candy, so I bought some today, haha. Have not eaten that much actually, but some.

Left pic: Here I am with Lisen, acting responsible tonight. And as you can see I still have not gotten that darn dog grid issue resolved. The owner of the pet shop have not called yet, I've waited over a week since she said she would call the makers and get back to me...Not very professional! By the way, the pet shop I bought it from is called Hundbiten...Anyway, on the other pic is of course my yummy candy :-)


Labour day
July 30, 2010 20:12

Today I have been a busy bee, hehe. Went to mums to help her with some carpentry, OK I'll be honest, I didn't really do that much carpentry. But I hammered a few nails and sawed some wooden planks :-) always something. It's not really my forté, the nails just bend all the time and my sawing isn't the most even, but at least I tried to help :-)

Some pics from today.

Here is Diva hiding in the bushes. And to the right some delicious Persian food, yum!


Install - Uninstall - Install - Uninstall…
July 29, 2010 20:59

I decided to bring out my old printer/scanner/fax and try to install it again. Mainly because I want to be able to use the scanner again. But of course I didn’t find the CD with the drivers, so I tried to find drivers online. I found a few, but no one worked. After two hours I lost my patience and gave up for the day.

A few minutes later I chatted with my sister, who, it turns out, has the CD!!! She said she told me she had it when I said I was going to try and install my printer, but I apparently missed that comment, grrr!

Anyway, to look at the whole thing in a positive way: at least I found the CD…


Smell it baby!
July 28, 2010 21:37

Detergents smell sooo good! Especially detergents with a scent of lemon, mmm. Sometimes I clean up just so I can get that scent in my apartment, or wash the dishes because the washing-up liquid smell so good. Now this does not happen very often, but today was one of those rare occasions. Was not very dirty here at home but I felt like I needed to get some freshness in the air, and what better way to do that than to wipe the floors with a lemon scented detergent :-)

Taken when I worked at Olles korvbar. I had to wipe the floors after every late shift, you can see how fun that was, and even worse - no lemon scented detergent :-(


July 27, 2010 19:06

Today, when Lisen and I were on our walk, a loose dog came up to us. Probably a runaway? This dog, a Doberman I think, came running from the forest, across the road to us. He stopped and wanted to say hi to Lisen, but she didn’t want to. Then he took off up into the forest on the side of the road we were on.  I just stood there, didn’t know what to do? Felt a bit helpless.

I walked over to a house nearby and asked if they knew anyone who had a dog like that, but they didn’t. Then I thought maybe we should try and find him in the forest, or backtrack where he came from. But he could have come from anywhere, plus Lisen was so tired. I had dragged her on a walk in the sun, didn’t think it would be as hot outside as it was, and she just laid down every chance she got. So we went home…

I took this pic yesterday, but this is the exact road were we encountered the dog today. He came up to us from the other side of the road, at the streetsign behind me, and ran off into the forest to my right. I really hope he is OK!

A few hours later I went into town to meet up with my sister and mum at the hairdressers. My sister got her hair done and it took a total of FOUR hours! We were all pretty hungry after that, so we went and had some dinner at Åhléns. Not the best food I have eaten…No disaster, just not very appealing or tasty flavours on the plate.

From left.
1. Me waiting at the hairdressers
2. The food I ate at Åhléns.

Now I think I will have me some chocolate, feel like I need some quick, sweet energy in my system.


July 26, 2010 18:24

Today I feel like a deer in headlights, I should move - but for some reason I don’t…

Anyway, I have been going through some old pictures to try and find some more to put in my photo album here. I found a few, but I feel like I should have tons more, wonder were they are…. Hm…

Anyway (again), here are a few pix that represent some parts of who I am quite well.

From left:
1. On a visit in Iran.
2. In the forest with Diva and Lisen.
3. Playing some Texas Hold'em.


Wet, wet, wet
July 24, 2010 18:02

Tropical heat followed by pouring rain. Not a traditional Swedish summer, but it is what it is.

And it feels like I've been wet all day...morning walk in the rain, Jacuzzi, shower. Because it's still raining outside I'm sure once I'm dry, it's time to take out my doggie and...that's right - get wet again.

Simple luxury :-)


House-keeper again...
July 23, 2010 14:04

Me and Lisen are staying at mums house over the weekend, to keep all the thieves away, while they are gone.

So the big "weigh-in" was today. Mum had lost 1 kilo and her partner 200 grams. Ok, so it is at least going in the right direction, that's always a good sign. Hope for more next week.

I met with the bosslady regarding the dog grid today. She said she will call the makers and see what she can do...whatever that means. But she has always been nice in the past and usually come up with some sort of solution if there ever is a problem, so let's hope she's still like that. I believe in a good outcome for everyone, even though I have waited three month's since the order was placed and I still have no functional dog grid...

Cloudy and rain outside, finally. Don't think I will do too much today, feeling a bit tired...


Love me some Langos!
July 22, 2010 13:45

Me digging into a lovely Lango today, yum!


Misfit, grrr!
July 20, 2010 15:23

The guy from the car shop called to say that my "dog grid" didn't fit my car, darnet! I had a feeling it was wrong but hoped that it was I who was wrong...oh well, not much to do about that. I should have ordered it myself, my fault! Just hope I can get my money back or at least store credit. But I'll have to wait until Friday, when the bosslady is in.

On a completely different note, I have (for the first time in my life) actually acquired some plants. Or really one plant, and two window boxes with herbs. My mum set the herbs for me and now I have to see to it that they grow, yiax. I have not wanted plants before because the just die all the time, and that's no fun. However this time I will really try my best to keep them alive, and so far so good :-)

Here they are, newest members of my family :-)


Out and about
July 19, 2010 20:43

My day began with a text from my grandma asking if she could come visit me. Sure why not. So it was just for me to get up, out with Lisen and prepare for the rest of the day.

I picked up grandma, we went for some well-needed coffee at my sisters, after that grocery shopping, then home and cook todays dinner, and after that away and leave my car to the shop. And now all of a sudden the clock is half past eight in the evening...

Left pic: Me waiting for my grandma at the parking lot outside CityGross. She definitely take her time... Right pic: The reason I had to leave my car to the shop today, an annoying lamp! And also I hope they manage to put up that "dog grid" I bought some time ago, but have not managed to get up...


Like it - click on it.
July 18, 2010 23:28

I finally figured out how to add a "like-button" from facebook, yay. And it turns out people have already "clicked on it", another yay!

Today I have mainly worked on adding "music" under "thumbs up" in the menu here on my site. That took a couple hours...but it was worth it :-)

So, with regards to the big "lose-weight plan", hm. Because my aunt and her husband has been visiting my mum for a few days we have not been taking our walks...and when I called today to try and get my mum to go with me tomorrow, all I got were more excuses, grrr! She says she will go on her own but I'm sceptic...I guess I'll find out on Friday, when "the big weigh-in" take place.

I also added one thing to my bracelet today and decided to call it my "vision-bracelet", I thought of "mind-bracelet" but nah. There is a thing called "vision board", which I have, so I figured it's the same thing but you have it on your wrist instead :-)


Thunderstorm - so I made a bracelet.
July 17, 2010 17:06

Finally we got some rain today, yay. It's been so hot and humid for so long it was about time. And with the rain came thunder and lightning, or perhaps it's the other way around...hm, anyway I did not want to use any electric device during this time so I turned it all off. Hm, what to do instead...

Well, while I was lying in my bed looking out my window, watching and feeling this thunderstorm I had an idea. I really have a few things a desperately want to happen, and soon. And because I believe in
"law of attraction" I want to make them happen now! So in order to keep these aspirations alive in my mind at all time I thought, why not make a bracelet and write what it is I desire on it. So I did :-)

So here is how I did it: string, paper tape and permanent marker (pen). I measured my wrist, wrote my wishes on the tape, put the tape on the string and voila, done.

Now it will be interesting to see if it speeds up the process...Preferably my deadline is three month's from today. Fingers crossed!


Ten Triss, is today D-day?
July 16, 2010 13:38

Yesterday I received ten Triss-lotteries as a reward for answering some surveys. Ten lottery-tickets worth 250kr, I scratched, scratched and scratched. In the end I won 125kr, it was ooook but not WOW...So no D-day yet... And by D-day, I mean the day I'm going to strike gold in some sort of lottery.

Here I am with hope in my hand.

On another note, my aunt and her husband are here for a visit from Stockholm, they are staying at my mothers house and today they came by for a visit. Always nice to see them, however I had to clean my apartment from top to bottom. I really want it to be spotless, or close to, when I have people over who I don't see everyday. So I got up at 8:30 this morning so I could finish my cleaning. I even washed my dog, hehe.

Now I'm tired and my back hurts...so I'm just going to relax the rest of the day.


I have entered this pic in a competition.
July 14, 2010 16:15

It's of my dog, Lisen, and one of her puppies right before the puppy moved to another family. I just love this picture, the eyes speak a thousand words...

The winner receives dogfood worth 7500kr, I'm sure Lisen would love that (and me too of course :-)

/ A.L

I must love to torture myself...
July 13, 2010 20:04

Yet again a tropical day in Sweden. And I, yet again, went on my morning walk in this stifling heat. With me was, as usual (forced by contract), my mum and her partner. Today we also had a guest starring on our "torturewalk", my sister, yay! However, considering todays experience, I don't think she will make a second appearance anytime soon...

We walked in the forests of Rödeby, and of course, as in any forest, there are animals and BUGS! So not only is it beyond hot, but while we are walking flies keep buzzing around us all the time! Two days ago I was about half a meter from stepping on a big black snake...But regarding those flies, I don't get why the have to fly as close to the face and ears as possible, grrr! However, on a good note, I did see a qute squirrel today :-)

I have worked all day with getting up some more pictures. Check out "Photoalbum" in the menu, lots of pix from Aussieland.

And here are some pictures from our walk, and buggfighting today.

Here we all are, walking different paces.

A disgusting fly on right under my nose, blah!


Here is the qute squirrel, a bit blurry...

Behind me Madde is running from a bee, haha.


Feels like I'm in Africa,
July 12, 2010 20:24

because it's so HOT! I know I'm gnagging about it, but it's just so hooot! According to the temp in my car, it was + 33C at 11 o'clock this morning... I was on my way home from my walk with my mum and her partner, third day today. It's going good, but (do I need to say) it's just so hooot!

Spain won the WC, they deserved it! A few tears fell when I saw how emotional Casillas got. I had placed a bet on them, but I thought they would finish during ordinary play time, so no money for me : (

I have been working hard at getting some more stuff up on this site. Check out "i" up in the menu or simply click here.

I'll be back with some pix tomorrow, bye 4 now!


Hot, hot, hot!
July 10, 2010 19:44

Today must be the hottest day so far this year, when I went to mum for our walk, the temp was at +30C. This was about 9:30 in the morning...

Anyway, exercise went well I have to say, walked 6,5 K and after that did push-ups and sit-ups. Tomorrow the battle continues.

It's almost time for the bronze-game in WC-soccer. I do hope Paraguay win but, like the octupus, I think Germany beats them. This time I have not placed a bet but put some extra money towards my Lotto-ticket instead, hehe.

Bye 4 now!


"Lose-weight" plan signed.
July 9, 2010 22:58

Not much has been accomplished today, had a bit of a stomach bug so I've felt pretty weak all day.

However I did go to se my mum and her partner because they have, for a long time, and my mum as long as I can remember, started different diets on and off again. It just annoys me to craziness that they spend so much money and it gives them no long-term result. Sure they might lose a few kilos but then they lose their motivation as well and put them right back on...So I said to them that I might as well come up with a plan for them to lose weight (mainly because I think the whole "diet" industry is a scam") and they said yes.

Now I'm no expert but I have common sense and I see what they are doing wrong, especially my mother. I also know that nothing will ever work unless someone is truly committed and want to make a life long change in how they deal with food and exercise. I also think that overweight is a symptom of a problem and if you don't deal with WHY you overeat then you'll never get it under control.

Even though I'm no psychologist or trainer I thought, what the hell, I can give it a go.

Tomorrow is the first day of our morning exercise together, I have promised to walk with them so they don't, either skip it or walk too slow. Good for me as well :-)

I know this will be no picnic but I will really try my very best to help them. I even had them sign a contract for a month. No excuses, no objections, just follow my orders.


Coffee with friends on Dragsö
July 8, 2010 20:05

Today we, me and Lisen, went back home again. Nice :-) Sure it's nice to be in a house as well but it's not MY house, so I feel like I have to watch what I do all the time and not make a mess or break anything. And of course I always sleep best in my own bed, and so does Lisen, haha.

It's been seriously hot outside today, +30C and it's going to get hotter...OMG.

I meet up with some friends today at Dragsö, which is a camping and beach, and we chatted and drank some coffee and sandwiches. Nice :-)

I have eaten a lot of sandwhiches so far today and no real food. And it does not seem to be time to make any either so I'm just going to boil some hot dogs as dinner tonight.

No I have some episodes of Hells Kitchen, MasterChef Australia and Top Chef to watch. Bye for now!

Me at Dragsö today.


Sun, barbeque, movies and WC-soccer.
July 7, 2010 20:32

Today my sister and her dog, Diva, came to us in my mums house. We barbequed, honeymarinated chicken skewers, with rice in the persian "rice cooker" and tzatsiki, yum! After that some work on this site, check out media, and after that a movie.

So the movie we saw was "Cop Out" with Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan. It was ok, sure some funny scenes that made me laugh out loud but nothing spectacular. It reminded me of the Lethal Weapon movies and Die Hard movies, although not as good.

And now, WC.soccer. Today I am hoping Germany wins, have bet 30kr on them. Go Germany!

Above: Me working da grill! And on the right pic, rice from the persian rice cooker.


No Uruguay!
July 6, 2010 23:29

So cloooose, but no.

Here I still had hope...


Go Uruguay!
July 6, 2010

I have now placed a bet on Uruguay (30 kr), that they will win todays semifinal in the WC. Long-shot, but that's the beauty of it ;-)


No water? Wuah!
July 5, 2010

Ok, so unfortunately I have not been able to add anything today to the site (except this) because for some reason the day has just flown away...

I took a 20 min walk with Lisen (my dog) up in the small forest next to my building, in the morning. Got attacted by a whole lot of disgusting flies, gross! But it's so hot that at least in the forest there are trees to give a bit of shade. It was just us up there (we usually run in to other dogs + owners) and I was a bit confused as to why, but probably because of all the insects!

I am watching my mothers house now for a few days. When I got here and was going to pour Lisen some water, no water came...Apparently there was a waterleak somewhere and for about 3 hours there was no water here.

I took the car to the store to buy some, for my dog as well...and of course after my little shoppingtrip I realized I could just as easily had gone home to me and fetched some water...oh well, the water is back now. I quickly filled up two bottles, just in case it were to happen again.

You definetly realize how handicapped you get without a constant access to water, the same goes for electricity.

Anyway, I have picked some strawberrys from my mums garden and I'm going to spray some whipped cream on them and enjoy :-)

No water...


Still under construction, but getting there.
July 4, 2010

I have dragged out my laptop to my balcony so I can enjoy the nice weather, +30 degrees Celsius right now, while working on my site

It takes a lot longer to get this site up, probably because I want to get everything right from the beginning. Even if that means spending a day on getting my banner perfect. But I thought I might as well write about how everything is coming along, on all levels.

Not much has happened today, I took my dog for a walk. Thought I'd be a good girl and get up early (which means 9 in the morning for me) so we could take a long walk before it got too hot outside. However it was already pretty hot at that time so we could not take the route I had planned, but we were out for 45 minutes, which is always something.

No WC-soccer today...I have actually placed a couple bets on the last games. I think it's quite fun to bet on the underdogs as the winners so I always choose the team with the highest odds. It's way too boring to do what the majority of people does...haha. So when Holland beat Brazil I was a happy camper :-).

By the way - Happy fourth of July to all Americanos!

Now back to work...

Me on my balcony today.


July 2010
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