Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road
November 9, 2013 11:00 AM

Life on the road brings with it a wealth of new experiences, but it can also lead to stress and fatigue. Whether you're backpacking through India or road tripping through the Australia outback, you'll face differences in climate, cuisine, and daily routine that your body may find difficult to adjust to. Add a bad case of jet lag, strange bacteria, or high altitudes to the mix and you may find yourself bedridden when you should be out exploring! The following are a few ways to stay healthy in body and mind as you enjoy all that your destination has to offer.

Stay Well-Hydrated

The number one rule for staying healthy while travelling is to drink plenty of water. In many cases, feeling ill, fatigued, or run-down can be chocked up to simple dehydration. You may be contending with a climate that's warmer than what you are used to, long plane rides, or more alcohol than usual. These factors can all contribute to your dehydration when travelling. If you are feeling tired or hungry, try drinking a glass of water first to see if it helps.

Take your Time

It's common to feel excited and somewhat rushed on a journey, particularly if you only have a week in your destination or business to conduct. However, taking your time to really slow down and see the sights properly will also help your body acclimate to new places. Rather than hop on another disorienting flight, think about picking up a car at Carsales or other localised listings sites and seeing the country the slow way. Whether you choose a flashy Porsche or a more sedate Toyota Camry, you'll remain in control of your own pace by driving.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Rest stop snacks and fast food joints are loaded with salt, fat, and excess calories that can leave you feeling sluggish. Visit local markets and pack boxes of your favourite energy bars, whole wheat crackers, raw nuts, or other healthy snacks to keep you going.

Take Vitamins, Supplements, and Probiotics 

Your body might crave added nutrients when it's subjected to unfamiliar locations and situations. With bacteria floating around public transport, it doesn't hurt to give yourself an added dose of immune system-boosting vitamins like C and B. Taking probiotics is also a good idea when travelling, because these introduce healthy bacteria into the body that can help you fight off any nasty bacteria you find lurking on your travels. Powdered greens can give you a lift if you're travelling to an area where it's not safe to consume raw vegetables or more remote areas. Finally, oils like coconut and oregano oil can help fight off infection.

Make Time for Exercise

You may not need to plan for additional exercise if you're already planning a trek through the Himalayas or surfing in Indonesia, but it doesn't hurt to make time for daily yoga or a leisurely stroll in many cases. Regular exercise helps keep the body strong and healthy, no matter where your travels take you.

By being mindful of your body's needs when travelling and planning ahead, you can keep sickness at bay. This will help you enjoy your journey and give you all the energy you need for any adventure that comes your way.

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November 2013
Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road
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