A Treat Filled Day
February 12, 2013 11:26 PM

Today we celebrate Fat Tuesday in Sweden, which means that we eat a super delicious pastry called Semla. But not only is today a treat filled day because of this, it also happens that today is my mum's birthday. Happy Birthday Mum! Which has meant that I also got treated to a very yummy Sandwich Cake earlier today when we celebrated her birthday. Of course she got treated to a lot of birthday presents in return. :-)

A Treat Filled Day - Sandwich Cake
Close up of the amazing Sandwich Cake we had earlier today.

A Treat Filled Day - Sandwich Cake
It was filled with lots of yummy seafood, salmon, eggs, vegetables, cheese and more.

A Treat Filled Day - Sandwich Cake

A Treat Filled Day - Sandwich Cake
My (not so small) piece. Lol! ;p

A Treat Filled Day - Sandwich Cake
My dog Lisen waited patiently for her turn. :-)

A Treat Filled Day - Lenten Bun
A bit later it was time for dessert, a Danish pastry type of Lenten Bun (Semla) filled with the traditional sweet filling of almond paste and whipped cream. So we did not eat a traditional Lenten Bun to celebrate Fat Tuesday this year. I first tried this version of a Semla - Lenten Bun last year and really liked it, because it was not as heavy as a traditional one. Which fitted great today, because of the Sandwich Cake we had earlier.

A Treat Filled Day - Lenten Bun
This is how a Semla should be eaten, the lid first with some delicious filling that has been scooped up. And with a big cup of black coffee. :p

A Treat Filled Day - Lenten Bun
Of course this little lady got some Semla too! :-)

A Treat Filled Day - Lenten Bun

To read more about why we celebrate Fat Tuesday, check out my page Swedish Fat Tuesday Traditions.

Another fun thing I found out recently was that my blog was chosen as number 24 on a list of Top 100 Pet Blogs to follow in 2013 - yay! I have posted the entire list at Top 100 Pet Blogs To Follow In 2013. So it certainly has been a treat filled day today, in more than one delicious way. ;p

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