Advent in Sweden

Swedish name: Advent     Date: December, four Sundays before Christmas Eve
We have a countdown to Christmas in Sweden called Advent. This countdown starts four Sundays before Christmas Eve. To mark the countdown a candle is lit in an Advent candlestick each Sunday. And in my family we always eat risgrynsgröt - rice pudding, which is like a porridge, on these Sunday mornings.

Advent in Sweden
My Advent candlestick. Not a very traditional one actually, but pretty. :-)

Advent in Sweden Decorations
My Advent window decorated with an Advent star and another type of Advent candlestick.

Advent in Sweden Rice Pudding
And my Advent Sunday morning rice pudding. Which I prefer to eat cold, without milk, but with sugar and cinnamon.

Now rice pudding tastes a lot better when it rests in the fridge over night. So when I was a child my dad always made our rice pudding the night before each Advent Sunday. And as soon as the rice pudding was ready he used to wake my sister and I so we could have a first taste. Which I thought was the coolest thing ever! To get to eat in the middle of the night, well it felt like the middle of the night anyway. Hehe.

Originally Advent is Latin and comes from the Latin word "Adventus Domini" which means "coming of the Lord". Today's Advent celebration is a phenomenon that emerged during the 1900s. Advent stars, Advent candles and Advent calendars became popular in the 1930s in Sweden.

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