Air memories around the world
February 2, 2011 10:54 PM

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I love experiencing the air in a country for the first time. Taking my first breath there, feeling its air touch my face. Usually these occasions take place when I get off an airplane or step out from an airport. And I always get surprised by how different air can be around the world.

In the air above Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

My strongest air memories of other countries are:

1.Tehran, Iran. The air there is so sharp, dry and dominated by exhausts. Something which completely shocked me on my first visit when I was 10. I had no idea it could actually be hard to breathe outside!

Me in Iran 2007.

2. Dubai. When I first got out of the airport in the evening it was about +40°C, INSANE! This was in August of 2007. And it felt like breathing and walking around in a sauna. It was pure torture to be outside during daytime and I could not even cool off in the ocean, because it was warm as well! In fact, what I learned on this trip is that it is actually possible to sweat while bathing in an ocean. Yikes!

This is Ski Dubai inside Emirates Mall in Dubai. The worlds third largest indoor ski slope. And I can tell you that I felt like running in there and rolling around in that snow on this day!

3. Tasmania, Australia. It has one of the worlds cleanest air. And I swear I could feel it! It felt like breathing in pure oxygen. Amazing, and how I think it should feel everywhere when you want to go outside for some fresh air. Ahhh!

Cradle Mountains, Tasmania. :-)

My favourite type of air to breathe in here in Sweden is the one which is produced during those really cold days/nights. And especially when that cold crisp air is mixed with smoke from fire in peoples fire places. It smells and feels lovely. Perhaps not the purest of air though. But it makes me feel warm and cosy somehow, even though it is freezing outside.

So for me, visiting places around the world is not all about what I can buy or see. But more about how it feels to be there. And air is something which exist everywhere, but is still different depending on where on the planet you are. Because to breathe in air somewhere, anywhere, is a truly a unique experience. One which can't be turned into a souvenir or sold. You simply have to be there in order to breathe there.

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