Bored doggy
September 12, 2011 0:02 AM

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Lisen is usually a very happy doggy. But sometimes she looks like she is a million miles away. And I often wonder what she is thinking of on those occasions. Below are some photos of when she "stole" my spot in the sofa. I got up to get something and when I returned, there she was with the biggest "sigh stare" I have ever seen!

Bored doggy
This is how I found Lisen when I returned to sit down in front of my laptop.

Bored doggy
Maybe she is trying to mimic me...

Bored doggy
Where are you Lisen?

Bored doggy
Not even a bone was as intriguing as your thoughts that day.

Lisen is not like this often at all, but I guess she has her day dream moments too. Maybe she is dreaming of a land far, far away. The ultimate doggy land where she is the Queen of everything and no one is allowed to sit in front of a laptop! :p

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