Congrats to my Giveaway Winner!
September 28, 2011 9:27 PM


Also I truly want to Thank Everyone who participated! It became a small but lovely Giveaway with heartfelt answers. And I had such a wonderful time reading them all! Below is the video of my live Giveaway Drawing at Ustream earlier. It was live, hence the unforeseen echoing and uncooperative doggy. Hehe.

Video has been removed.

Once again -Many Congratulations to Antony from!!!

This was Antonys answer to my question "What are you grateful for?":

"I am grateful to meet such wonderful people such as you because of technology and learn about their lives and their cultures. I am so grateful that we live in an age where technology has given us this huge gift - one that other people created for us."

Thanks again Everyone! :-)

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