Crayfish party

Swedish name: Kräftskiva      Date: August
A crayfish party is a popular event to have in August in Sweden

I love crayfish and they always taste best during the end of summer. And it is in August when crayfish parties (kräftskivor) are a popular event all over Sweden. My favourite crayfish parties are the ones where friends and family gather outdoors to eat crayfish, drink beer, shots (snaps) and party together.

Originally crayfish parties were something the bourgeois had in the late 1800s to say goodbye to summer. However gradually it became more popular with crayfish parties in Sweden. And because of this restrictions for fishing crayfish were introduced in the late 1800's to avoid over fishing. The release date for fishing crayfish became August 8.

Although the release date for fishing crayfish was removed in 1993, having crayfish parties in August remain as a Swedish tradition.


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