Doggy has a Hot Spot - Ouch!
September 21, 2011 2:04 PM


I took my doggy Lisen to the Vet yesterday because last week I noticed that she had a moist eczema on her cheek. Also known as a Hot Spot. Not sure why it is called that though? But the Vet said that it feels like a burn injury and therefore it really burns on the dog when you touch the Hot Spot. So maybe that is what the "Hot" part refers to? Anyway, I still think it is such an odd name for an eczema... Hehe.

But it is nothing serious. I just have have to put some ointment on it for about 7-10 days and it should be fine. Although it is not the most fun or comfortable thing for Lisen. Not only did the Vet have to shave off a lot of fur on Lisens cheek, both over the Hot Spot and around it. Because this thing spreads quickly. But doggy has to wear socks on her paws to prevent her from itching on it. The Vet recommended socks instead of those awful big collars because the Hot Spot needs to be free and breathe.

Dog has a Hot SpotNo Collar Dog
Which was a relief both for Lisen and me. Because that collar is so clumsy! Or rather, it makes Lisen clumsy. She hates wearing it and bumps into everything with it on. Socks are so much better! And she has been pretty good with the socks as well, not taken them off too many times. :-)

I also asked the Vet to check Lisen for some other stuff, like borrelia for instance. For some reason ticks love her and she has had borrelia once before. Something I really do not want her to get again! But she was completely healthy and borrelia free. Yay!

Doggy Has A Hot Spot
So now we just need to get rid of that Hot Spot on doggy so she can look pretty again. :-)

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