Flight time
September 16, 2011 12:29 PM


I have been on many flights in my life and I prefer to fly to my travel destinations instead of driving or taking the bus for example. But one important factor I keep i mind when I am choosing a destination is the flight time. For instance flights to tenerife from manchester seems like a good option if you live in England and want to visit a warmer destination. And those flight times are not too long. Which on the other side the flight time between Stockholm and Los Angeles is.

And I have flown that route twice in my life so far, with stops in Heathrow. Me at LAX in 2007. Yeah!

If I remember correctly I think the total flight time was about 17 hours, one way. However it was definitely worth it! Because I had the best time in the US and I cannot wait to go back! Despite the flight time. :-)

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