Four Days Of Swedish Traditions
March 25, 2016 2:55 PM

This year it so happens that four Swedish traditions take place four days in a row. Yesterday was Maundy Thursday, today is Waffle Day (yum!), tomorrow is Easter Eve and on Sunday we change our clocks to daylight saving time. Now over the years I have written posts that explain why we have these traditions in Sweden and how we celebrate them. Below are links to some of those posts. :-)

Maundy Thursday

One Swedish Maudy Thursday tradition is to take a Maundy Thursday trip
My doggy Lisen and I a few years ago all dressed up and on our way to the Brocken. Read more about this Swedish tradition about witches and witch trips over at --> Swedish Maundy Thursday Traditions.

Waffle Day

Happy Waffle Day
Today we celebrate Waffle Day here in Sweden. I love these! But this year I will not be able to eat any yummy waffles because I am currently on a diet... :-/ Read more about this delicious Swedish tradition, that started due to a simple hearing mistake, over at --> Swedish Waffle Day Traditions.

Easter Eve

On My Way Back And Happy Easter
Tomorrow we celebrate Easter Eve here in Sweden. Nowadays this tradition is mostly all about eggs in different shapes and forms. Originally, however, Easter was a religious festival. Read more about this Swedish tradition over at: Swedish Easter Eve Traditions.

Daylight Saving Time

Double Day In Sweden
I am not a fan of this Swedish tradition created to mess with our minds. Read more about why Sweden was the first country in the world that legislated the introduction of Standard Time over at --> Turn Back Time.

Regardless of how I feel about these four Swedish traditions, celebrate them I will as best I can this year. Happy Weekend to you all out there! :p

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Four Days Of Swedish Traditions