Funky weather in Karlskrona
February 7, 2011 11:29 PM

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Yet another storm is heading in over Sweden and once again warnings have been issued. This storm is predicted to be a class 2 storm (class 3 is the strongest). Which means possible danger to the public, especially surrounding the area where I live. Fortunately we won't get snow with this storm though, yay! Just strong winds and rain... However, I don't really think it will be as bad as the weather reports make it out to be. They always issue warnings over everything nowadays.

Anyway, I thought I show you some pics I took this afternoon. The calm before the storm...oooo, hehe.

Lyckeby today.

I'm waiting at the traffic lights at Amiralen, heading towards town.

And here I am in Karlskrona by the sea. Brrr...

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