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September 15, 2011 1:57 PM


I am having a Blog Hop - No Rules, Open All Weekend! Simply join below. And if you are a new follower here leave me a comment and I will follow back. Easy right? Well, I know I did not have a clue what a Blog Hop was when I first started to see them around on blogs. Therefore I thought I would also give a short explanation of what a basic Blog Hop is in this post.

Although every Blog Hop usually has its own twist. The basics are that a Blog Hop is a list a blogger put on his/her blog where you can add the url to your blog. The main purpose of a Blog Hop is for all bloggers on that list to visit each other, follow, comment and so on. In other words a Blog Hop is a way to find blogs as well as gain visitors, follows and comments to your blog.

Now there are a thousand different ways you can host a Blog Hop on your blog. Many prefer to ask their Blog Hoppers to perhaps follow their blog, mention the Blog Hop in a post or put up their Blog Hop button on your blog before you can join. Which is perfectly fine. I always follow blogs where I join in and I have a Blog Hop Page with buttons to Blog Hops I usually participate in. Although those are No/Few Rules Blog Hops so they do not require you to do this, but because I like them I feel I want to share them.

But the main reasons why I have No Rules Blog Hops om my blog from time to time is because I think it is fun with Blog Hops. And I prefer to keep my Blog Hops simple. Which is why all you need to do in this Blog Hop is to add your blog url to the list below and you have officially joined.

Of course there are ways you can maximize your result of a Blog Hop. I always recommend, and do this whenever I participate in a Blog Hop, to visit other blogs on the list, follow and leave relevant comments on the blogs you like. Because usually you will get what you give in return. I mean most bloggers who join a Blog Hop want then same thing. Visitors, follows and relevant comments on their blog. Which is really what I think a basic Blog Hop is all about.

Also if anyone is curious on how to add a Blog Hop to your blog. It is very simple. Just sign up for free at In Linkz, follow the instructions on how to create and add a Blog Hop code and your are good to go.

Finally, to add your blog to this Blog Hop simply click on the Add your link button below. Fill out the three fields that pop up;

URL: URL to your blog
Name: Title of your blog
Email: Your email address

then simply click
Submit link and you are done.

And like I said in the beginning, if you are a new follower here just leave me a comment in the comment section and I will follow back. Thank You for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

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